Sunday, July 01, 2007

monday morning rock


that's for sharon...

i'm pretty sure that we all do this...
there are some words or phrases that trigger snippets of songs or a bit of dialogue from a movie or show or even a saying or something that some close friend or relative used to say.
a lot of mine are song lyrics or titles and usually i then am cursed with having that song play in my head for the rest of the day. all day. and you...just...can't...get it...out!!
(my pal, jeff mccluskey, recently told me that the one song that will negate absolutely ANY song that you have stuck in your head is to think about neil diamond's "comin' to america". but then, of course, you have that mother_____er stuck in your head. thanks, jeff.)

anyway, there are lots of monday songs and most of them aren't too kind to our first day of the week.
monday monday by the mamas and the poppas
rainy days and mondays by the carpenters
i don't like mondays by the boomtown rats
manic monday by the bangles

but my favorite monday song is monday morning rock by marshall crenshaw.

there have been lots of times in my life when i've been on the ground floor of something, and i'm sure that it's happened to you on occasion too. when you tip to something--some new music or show or something--that you just KNOW is gonna be big. and most of 'em get big. i was hip to steve martin long before he got small. i word-of-mouthed raiders of the lost ark, back to the future, and the "take on me" video by a-ha. and i knew after watching the first five minutes of "friends" that it was gonna be huge.
my "discovery" of marshall crenshaw and his ideo-pop, retro-rock sound back in the early eighties was, i was sure, another early 'i found it first'. his stuff just sang to me and i was certain that it would for everybody else too! i played it for all of my friends and waited for fame to catch up with him, certain that he was gonna be as big as bruce.
sadly, that didn't happen.
marshall is an awesome talent, certainly an under-appreciated artist, and for one reason or another, one that stays off the radar. some of his hits have received some great radio play--someday, someway, whenever you're on my mind, cynical girl, you're my favorite waste of time--but there are scores more of great, great somgs that i am amazed didn't make it onto the airwaves.
one of those songs--monday morning rock--was definitely not the bsty song off his second album, field day, but any time someone says the words "monday morning", my mind adds "rock"...and i'm listenin' to marshall for the rest of the day.

and that's not a bad thing.

(until somebody mentions neil diamond...)

random picture of the week

and here are the answers to the "five on friday"...

1. what was the name of the fantastical 1964 movie, half cartoon, half live action, that featured don knotts as a man who turns into a fish?

the incredible mr. limpet

2. what is the name of the little duck in frank cho's award-winning strip, liberty meadows?


3. who introduced the art of marionation with such classic tv shows as stingray and fireball xl-5?

gerry anderson

4. what academy award winning actor once worked as an artist in the famous eisner-eiger studios?

martin landau

5. what is the air-speed velocity of a sparrow?

african or european?

"they're comin' to america,
they're comin' to america


smell ya later!


Bill Nolan said...

I saw Neil Diamond live in cocert once back when I was in high school. My brother and I bought our mother some tickets for her birthday or something, but she couldn't go, so we did. Awesome show.

We're comin' to America.... TODAY!

Good stuff.

Brian said...

Come on folks, turn on those "Heart Lights" for Neil Diamond.

Seriously though, I agree with you and the Rolling Stone that Marshall should have been a bigger star. "Some Day, Some Way," remains my favorite of his.