Wednesday, November 05, 2008

now's the time.


our own brian mulcahy sent out the get-out-the-vote word yesterday on the image forums perhapanauts message board and there was a great response to it all. it's good to see so many people interested in the election's outcome--wasn't always that way, y'know--and, while our recent economic developments are mostly responsible, i think that there were a lot of people who were just tired of being led down a road we never agreed to go down.

but regardless of your political affiliations and your beliefs, this IS a time of change. as all of the lauded guests (or are they conspiracy theorists?) agree on my new favorite obsession, coast to coast a.m., 2009 is to be a year of great change and many wonderful new discoveries! (of course, they're divining this from the stars and ancient prophesies, the mayan calendar and tesla's ghost, but they've been pretty right before...)

but we can make a change.
let me re-phrase that...WE can make a change.

this is a brand new day and i can tell you from my years of wearing what karl kesel refers to as my "big, loopy grin" that a positive attitude really--truly--makes all the difference in the world.
help others.
forgive easily.
be happy.

on craig's response to brian's election post, he added--

"this is an exciting and monumental moment for this country... and yet, sadly, there's still gonna be some folks who can't wrap their heads around this... read this quote in an AP story and it made me sad... and honestly confused how some people can see things SO differently...

A 73 year old retired accountant used words like "very disappointed" and "afraid" in considering an Obama presidency.

"I'm very afraid that we're going to lose our freedoms, that the country will be controlled by almost a dictator."


yes, a lot of americans, and, i fear, a lot of older americans are now as anxious as we've been for the last 8, fueled by all those stories and the propaganda that gets spouted out there before, during, and after an election. the outrageous becomes the accepted and fear is a powerful, powerful agent.

but we can help them. we can be patient and understanding and compassionate and help to reassure them that things are going to be alright. better than alright.
this is going to be an amazing time. a time for science and invention, for nature and our planet, for getting on the right track to create a future--and a country--we can be proud of. now's the time.

God bless america
and our new president
and all of you~

and i will smell you later!


Parker said...

You'll smell me right now, American! I virtually hug you!

~ Wendy ~ said...
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~ Wendy ~ said...

I agree, Todd. I think it's also important to remember that our older generation went through many things that, thankfully, we (the younger generation) will not have to go through. I think it is because of their life experiences, not just the propaganda, that they are concerned and afraid. This is something new to them, something they could never have dreamed of happening when they were growing up ..
.. and hopefully our new president will do what he said he would in his acceptance speech - bring us ALL together - regardless of income level, college degree, even attitude .. hopefully those of us who did not vote for him will, as he asked them to do, give him a chance ...
.. we need to put aside our personal differences now and look to the future with hope ...
... hope that WE can all work together, be accepting, and make the changes that need to be made ...
Yes, indeed - God Bless America - land that we love ..

Brian said...

It is going to take all of us working together to dig out of the economic hole that we are in and it is up to each and every one of us to make sure that our elected officials put country and the common good before party and politics.

Warren said...

It's nice to feel hopeful again after the past eight years of being told that we should be afraid. And it will be nice to have a president who will guide the United States as if it is the sum of its people instead of trying to run it like a business.

KJC said...

"it will be nice to have a president who will guide the United States as if it is the sum of its people instead of trying to run it like a business."

Yeah! Nice way of looking at it...I hadn't thought of it that way.