Monday, November 17, 2008

our own leanne


short one today.


leanne hannah is our own little triple threat. she's a fan, a friend, and a fantastic artist!
you've seen her post comments here on the boards from time to time and i'm sure that i told you that she has already finished doing the artwork for her first perhapanauts story--a molly ghost story which was written by our other good pal, scott weintstein and will be featured in the >sigh< upcoming halloween issue--and is eagerly awaiting the script for her second story. (which will be coming shortly, leanne, once i get out from under this mountain of work i'm buried under.)

she is talented, fast, and fun!

she is also the biggest karl fan there is.

i met leanne, however, when she timidly, quietly, offered up the original pencil drawing to the below tellos pin-up that she did as a tribute to mike. actually, i think it was more her husband, rod, who acted as her champion on that, introducing himself at our table in ...charlotte, right rod? and telling me of leanne's talent and shyness. (not so shy anymore now that you're part of the team, eh, leanne?) i was thrilled and touched by her pin-up and she told me that she would send it over when she had a chance to color it.

she sent it over a few months ago, i just hadn't known when to post it.

but here it is, folks-- i love it and thought you would too.

this is jared and charlie.
thanks for everything, leanne!
i'll get you that new script soon!


the answers to the
"five for friday"
supporting cast questions--

1. what was ed norton's wife's name on the honeymooners?


2. what was kramer's first name?


3. what is alfred's last name?


4. what is jarvis' last name?

it is a trick question--his name is edwin jarvis

5. not in the title, what girls' names
are mentioned in the lyrics of these
classic rock/pop tunes...?

a. born to run


b. don't fear the reaper

(i maintain that they're saying "come on, mary" in the chorus, but kc--ever the studious researcher--says, sorry, no. i'm gonna call up buck dharma and make him change it, 'cause "come on, mary" is cooler...and that's the way it is in MY memory...)

c. more than a feeling

mary ann

d. is she really going out with him?


e. fire and rain


smell ya later!


Matt Wieringo said...

I told Leanne when I saw this but she really captured Charlie there. His look, his personality, everything. Charlie is such a joy to be around.

Leanne said...

You guys are too nice. I'm really glad you liked the Jarek/Charlie piece-- I'm actually not sure if those are the correct colors for Jarek. I went by the way it was colored on Mike's Modern Masters book cover, so I hope that's right.

And yes, I think it was Rod who initiated everything. I'm far too shy at these things. I don't think that's gonna change anytime soon ;)

Scott Weinstein said...

That is a great Tellos piece. I can't say enough nice things about Leanne's art. She did an amazing job on our upcoming Molly story. And I can't wait to see her next projects.

Brian said...

That picture of Charlie just brings a smile to my face and Matt's post followed up that smile with a good laugh as I remember the story of his aromatic road trips with Charlie.

Matt Wieringo said...

I'm not sure about Jarek but Charlie grunts when he poops. Just thought I'd mention that.

Heywood Jablomie said...

Wow the colors looks amazing in this! Great job!

Having gotten to meet Leanne and Rod at Baltimore, they're two really great people.

Russ Burlingame said...

On the Born to Run question - you should check out the very excellent song "Wendy" by Jesse Malin, based on the same girl!