Monday, May 18, 2009

choopie tattoo


i said that i was gonna have a fresh start here and i meant it!
though i am still reeling a bit from the season finale's of both lost and grey's anatomy--! wow!
i also dug the season finale's of the office and 30 rock--the "you don't know if you're crying over a chicken or a baby?" joke killed me!
another show that had a great season finale was life. and, yeah, i know that it was a month or so ago, but that was a really great punch. i mention it now because craig just recently told me that he heard that nbc won't be picking it up for another season. sad. i think we're gonna lose a lot more shows now that the 10-11 slot will be all jay, all the time. networks are no longer catering to the viewers, they're catering to their advertisers. good. maybe we'll all go out and play more volleyball. i know i will.
still, i didn't see that coming on greys...


my friend, joanne, who just recently picked up her family and moved from scenic new jersey to lovely seattle, sent me this picture of a tattoo parlor that she was sure would strike home here on the blog. wendy said she thought it looked a bit more like the loch ness monster and i'm hedging toward the jersey devil--but either way, it's cool!

thanks, joanne!


though it came out, like, two months ago, i finally got a chance to sit down and really enjoy the modern masters: mike ploog volume this past weekend. what a wonderful artist, a wonderful look at some of his most beautiful work, and a wonderful interview by our pal, roger ash! roger (and mike) make the conversations seem to flow by and roger does a magnificent job of giving us a look at this splendid artists life and career!
do yourself a favor and pick this one up!
it was great!


if i lived in a cartoon world, this would be my house...
well, okay, maybe my town house.
my house in the counbtry would look way wonkier...!

they all got gotten in the comments section
but here are the official answers to the
"five for friday"
we've done this before...
take the following numbers and letters and figure out the phrase or statement that it refers to
example; 52 w in a y = 52 weeks in a year

1. 50 w t l y l

50 ways to leave your lover

2. 10 h d in a p/8 h d r in a p

10 hot dogs in a package/ 8 hot dog rolls in a pack

3. 44 u.s. p to d

44 u.s. presidents to date

4. 99 l b

99 luft balloons

5. 4 s in a d of c

4 suits in a deck of cards

6. 9 p in our s s

9 planets in our solar system

7. 66 b in the b (k j v)

66 books in the bible (king james version)

8. 99 b of b o t w

99 bottles of beer on the wall

9. 1440 m in a d

1440 minutes in a day

10. 3 l t g t t t r c o a t p
(this one is tough--but sweet...)

3 licks to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop

gotta go!
smell ya later!


Matt Wieringo said...

TERMINATOR: TSCC just got axed too. Fall is looking pretty productive for me this year. At least 3 of my regular shows are cancelled. At least PRISON BREAK got a decent round-up, though I wasn't very happy with how they ended it. (I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it.) TERMINATOR was really getting good and LIFE was just plain awesome. At least DOLLHOUSE is getting another season.

Anonymous said...

Hey Todd,
I can definitely see you living in that house.
Cool pic from Joanne.

I was totally stumped by the five (10?) for friday.

Did you hear about the "new" montauk monster?
Here's a couple of links:

See Ya!

Anonymous said...

Forgot to mention.
I haven't been following TV shows lately, but am really bummed there doesn't appear to be a season 2 of Middleman.

If you guys haven't seen season 1, you should look it up (I think it's on DVD now, though I bought it from iTunes) Based on the Graphic novel of the same name, it has a lot of tongue in cheek references to other (classic) movies & TV shows. My friends & I had a blast trying to catch the references.

todd said...

hi, emilio~!

actually, wendy had sent me a link to the msnbc coverage--if you can call it coverage--last week, but when i went snooping around for good resolution photos, i didn't find any.
this is great stuff and, while i have no idea what this things or things is/are, you know that i HOPE it's something bizarre and cryptozoological! : )
thanks for the 411 and the links!

Brian said...

I was very excited to hear that Dollhouse got a second season because that show, which started slow, really built as the season went on and the last two episodes were some of Whedon's best work.

I thought both Grey's and Lost returned to the high level of quality story telling they showed in their respective first seasons, and I'm really looking forward to Lost next year.

As for Grey's the feelings are mixed. The powers that be so botched the characters of Izzie and George for so long that I do not blame the actors for wanting to leave the show, but the quality material they gave both of them to work with as they got ready to send their characters off, makes me a little po'd that they didn't treat them this well all the way along.

Heywood Jablomie said...

seems grey's is the thing everyone seems to be talking about. i stopped at season 1 unfortunately. i'm kinda pissed at the shows getting cancelled. seems most of the shows i watch get cut and the ones who need to don't seem to-i'm looking at you american idol....

i'd definitely get a tattoo from that place! or at least go visit.....

i'll check out the ploog book one day, i really love his stuff!

and i had to quit on the 5-fer....the ones i knew were already taken.

Warren said...

Sadly, I quit following Lost after the second season. My son tells me it was awesome this season, but I'm so out of the loop, I'm not going to try to pick it back up.

I really don't follow very many TV shows. And I hardly ever watch after the third season of a series. I either lose interest, or the quality slips.

Love that house! :)

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