Monday, May 25, 2009

happy memorial day!! plus+


hope you're enjoying the day with friends and family and taking a little time out to pay tribute to those who have served and sacrificed for our country. i'm not always the most patriotic cat on the ball and am more times than not frustrated by the insane, unconscionable politics of government, but i do know that we live in the greatest country on the planet and i know that it took a lot of brave and intelligent people to make it so.

it's been a busy weekend for us already; late friday night, sharon became an aunt for the first time as her brother and sister-in-law debuted their brand new baby, madison. congratulations, rob and liz!
then we got together on saturday with my old roommate and partner-in-crime from the 80's, dennis, and his lovely wife deanne. dennis and i went to school together, but it wasn't 'til we got out of school that we soon became the best of friends. and then were pretty much inseparable. we lived together for about 8 years, worked together for 4, ate together, drank together, got into fights together, and saw more horror movies together than i think they made. dennis and deanne live in mississippi now, but they are usually in town on memorial day to visit with dennis' family and see old friends. it was a great night of fun and reminiscing and we hope to see them again before they have to go back.
we also got to hang with dennis'--and my--extended family as he has five brothers. (i was always honored that dennis' mom called me "the sixth mcelroy boy") great to see everybody and especially to sit and tell stories on mark--who we call the grandabe--and george, dennis' younger brother and my other long time roommate from back then.
sharon and i are also having ourselves a battlestar galactica marathon this weekend/week. after craig raving to me about it all these years, jim starlin finally handed us the first season last week at volleyball, and told us to watch it. and really, when jim tells you to do something like that, you usually want to do it. we're only on disc two so far, so don't tell me how it ends...
and also, today is jake's birthday!
16 today and as uncle matt said on our last post "hay! jake's old enough to drive now!" well, yes he is! (although in the dezago family, we usually learn to drive when we're 12 or 13...)


sorry i was late with the post this morning--i was reading this comic book...

that's my idea of a holiday--getting a chance to visit 1972.

digging through some old files and papers, i found an envelope containing a lot of the early perhapanauts development stuff; craig's initial sketches, the bios of reach of the characters as well as the secret "notes" for each outlining their backstory and where they go from here. there were four or five pages of a art from a story that craig and i never finished--the follow-up or companion piece to "the first pie story" from the not-gigantic-color-special. lots of stuff that made me realize that craig and i have been working on the perhapanauts for about 7 years now. amazing. it seems like yesterday...
anyway, i also found this head sketch of choopie that i did once craig had nailed the little guy's design. his quills are a little bit off-center, but then--so is choopie.
hope ya dig it!

and here are the
answers to the
"five for friday!"
same last names

(i will admit that the last one is a bit of a cheat...sue me.)

1. betty, gary, anderson


2. ted, lana, tina


3. kate, steve, terry


4. george, bret, lorne


5. lorne, tom, garth


(sorry for the cheat on this one...garth green was my best friend when we were 12 years old...hey, garth!)

happy memorial day!
happy birthday, jake!
smell ya later!


Brian said...

First and foremost, a hearty congratulations goes out to the proud new parents and auntie. What a wonderful juxtaposition to the more somber meaning of this weekend.

May we all live to see a world where people are able to settle their differences without bullets and bloodshed.

Todd, that picture of Jake at the wheel is great. We should all be so lucky to have such a good designated driver.

Happy Birthday, Jake.

Cheers, Brian.

P.S. Todd, I like your Choopie drawing, really captures his spirit.

~ Wendy ~ said...

Happy Birthday Jake!!!
amen to Brian's post - a world like that is one we all hope our kids will one day see.
It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend - spending it with friends and family. :-)
love to you & Sharon & Jake.

Christian D. Leaf said...

As Matt and I were drawing yesterday and your name came up, Todd. I said, "Isn't today Jake's birthday?" Matt replied, "I think it was last week." And we went back to watching that bootleg Iron Man cartoon. So happy belated b-day from the Leafs to ol' Jake.

Anonymous said...

Hope everyone had a great memorial day (including the birthday boy, Jake).

Anonymous said...

Hahah! I love that comic! I've got it hanging on my wall! $.50 bin Gold!!!