Friday, September 25, 2009

does this blog make me look fat...?


not much to tell today. i've been trying to get a lot done this week so that i can go to my second reunion this weekend with a clear conscience, happy that i got all my work done. got a few more pages to finish on an ant-man script, but after that, i'm good to go.

while last week was my high school reunion, this week's is the reunion of a much smaller group--our old theater and school newspaper gang from college. most of us were theater jerks and we all worked on the school newspaper--the spectator--mostly 'cause it was a good place to hang out. this reunion was put together--single-handedly, i might add--by my friend, wendy, the same wendy that is now OUR wendy who graces us with her presence here on the blog! wendy made all the arrangements to make it happen and i can't wait to see everybody! thanks for doing all of this, wen--i know it's gonna be a great time!

so today's blog is really just a jumble, a bunch of images that i've grabbed off the internet here and there 'cause i thought they were cool for one reason or another. a couple of them i've had bouncing around on my desktop for months, not knowing what to do with them. but here they are--maybe you'll think they're cool too...?!

i love to see the power of nature, whether it be rain storms, snow storms, thunder storms, hurricanes, monsoons...this isn't a tornado, but a dust devil. i think the difference is that a dust devil starts from the ground up. i don't know. but it sure looks cool.

design/proposal for a futuristic, environmentally friendly floating city by belgian architect, vincent callebaut called lilypad. i'd go there.

back in the 60s, marx struck a line of goofy, wacky, deranged looking (a la big daddy roth's dragster racing rat fink) sports figures in plastic and they were all the rage. i saw this one--rocko the champ--on ebay and picked it up for less than the cost of shipping. my nephew tyler saw it and now it sits on the top shelf of his school locker, reminding him that he's a winner everyday. only, when i say winner, i mean loser. you're a loser, tyler, and you should read your uncle's freakin' blog! i read the stupid crap you write on your stupid facebook page! ass!
tyler took this picture of rocko and uses it as his facebook icon.

they just don't make movie posters like this anymore! no, i didn't save it for the sexy, deerskin bikini-clad cave babe. i love this poster 'cause it has all of the awesome qualities that made great B movie posters from the late 60s and early 70s groovy! the incredible artwork--you just don't see original artwork like that on movie posters...or in any advertising anymore...sad.)! that bold, striking title! that in-your-face challenge to SEE! SEE! SEE! listing all the many qualities of the picture! also, look at her hips!
they don't make hips like that anymore...!

if you own a computer and get email, i'm sure you've seen the guys who do the amazing street art/chalk art, creating these amazing optical illusions right there in the street. i liked this one 'cause it seemed a bit more ominous than most of those other shiny, happy, funny ones.


perhapanauts halloween contest!---update!
oh, so--just so you know--i received our first two entries in the perhapanauts halloween contest already...a story and a picture. i'll begin posting them as them come in starting on october 1st. so if you were thinking, "man, i really oughta do something for that." now's the time to start! can't wait to see what y'all send in!

have a great weekend!
smell ya later!


Brian said...

I too like to see the power of nature, but from a safe distance.

That street art is amazing.

Have a great time at the reunion, Todd.

Two weeks until Baltimore. Yeee, Hah!

Matt Wieringo said...

That city on the water looks cool. I, too, wouldn't mind living there. At least until the 75-foot megalodon shows up. And you know it would.

Heywood Jablomie said...

I love the street art pix and that's one of the coolest of them for sure!!

Hope your reunion is a ton of fun!

Heywood Jablomie said...
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~ Wendy ~ said...

I may have arranged it myself - but there was always suggestions and support and guidance from all who went ..BUT the success of the reunion wasn't me - it was the wonderful way we all clicked and were together again ... like we had not been apart for the past 27 years! It was so good to be able to spend so much time with you and the rest of the gang.. now, GET back to work! You've been goofing off all weekend!!
Love YOU!!!

Anonymous said...

now i`ll read your rss

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