Monday, September 28, 2009

bear with me


well, i'm once again recuperating from a wonderful reunion this weekend and, to the spectator gang or the ex-spectators or the dutchess expatriates or whatever they're calling us, thanks so much for a great time! it was so good to see you all!

but i'm truly beat today...
and my stomach hurts from laughing so much--reunions are a great ab workout!

and one last time, wendy--thanks for all you did.


so with the fall/autumn and halloween season swiftly approaching, i am sitting here looking at a flurry of awesome-looking horror movies that are coming out and promising myself that i'm gonna get out to see at least a couple of them.
(and wishing that matt and christian lived just down the road...)

a month or so ago, matt sent the trailer to this "this-could-actually-happen" film, carriers, that matt cleverly, hilariously labelled, "captain kirk meets captain trips."

the posters pretty much spell it out, and the trailer will make you shudder a bit...

i'm also looking forward to seeing jennifer's body--although screenwriter/producer diablo cody said that it did miserably at the box office on it's first weekend out--and the 2012 movie called, uh...2012. (though i've heard that that one doesn't really engage much of the real controversy and prophecies of this looming date of change... just the big disaster parts of it.)

pandorum looks really creepy.

but the one i'm dying to see is this one, paranormal activity. yes, it was shot on a blair witch budget and, yes, it's being marketed with a cool voyeuristic viral ads--but so waht? man, i love that shot-on-video look--to me it makes it all seem realer, like you're right there! i loved cloverfield--shaky camera and all! it's being released very small, with surveys online to get you to demand it come to your home town...i'm betting--and hoping--that it'll come close, 'cause i can't wait to see this!

that's it for today!
i gotta go!
smell ya later!


Alisa B said...

I already demanded paranormal to come to my city!!

Matt Wieringo said...

Yeah, those all look good. Also, PONTYPOOL, which Christian told me about but I've yet to find anywhere on DVD or otherwise.

todd said...

oh, yeah--pontypool! that looked good, too! weird, but good!
and i saw a preview for white noise 2 with nathan fillion that looked promising (the first one, with michael keaton,
and what's the name of the one coming out in february about the war with the angels...? that looked great!

Matt Wieringo said...

It's called LEGION and, while it does look good and I'm first in line, it also looks like a mash-up of about five different movies. Primarily, the great low-budget thriller PROPHECY starring Christopher Walken, Elias Koteas, Viggo Mortenson (brilliant as Lucifer) and Virginia Madsen (looking yummy in mom-jeans.)

Heywood Jablomie said...

Glad to hear you had a blast at your reunion. I have a response to our email from the other day coming your way about that.

And all the movies listed sound great. Pandorum is on the top of my list to see. I'm looking forward to seeing Zombieland as well.

I have a whole pile of horror movies to get through and I'm hoping to get the time to watch all of them.

todd said...

LEGION--that's right!!
thanks, brother!
and yeah, it looked a lot like the prophecy movies (did they make three...? or four...?) but a little more graphic--but then what else is new...?

and, yeah, mike zombieland!!! i love a good zomcom!!!

Anonymous said...

Todd et al,

Yes! Horror movie season has arrived! I just one two tickets to Pandorum the other day from a radio station and intend to go. I'm somewhat skeptical about its overall potential for badassity, but The Quaid is in it, so regardless of the plot, characters and dialoguge, there's no way I won't enjoy myself.

Thank Vishnu we're where we are in the movie season in general. After that abysmal wasteland of mostly lousy summer flicks I am ready for Halloween season AND Oscar season.

And to be quite honest, I don't think anything has me more pumped than Where the Wild Things Are.


Jared W. Adams
Grand Minister for General Mayhem

P.S. Kudos to Matt on the Jerry Garcia reference for Carriers!!!

Brian said...

Hey Todd,

Glad to hear Reunion, Part II was a laugh riot.

Cooper said...

CARRIERS was in and out of the theatre so fast, I never even got a chance to see it, and I work there! ZOMBIELAND was great, though...Not SHAUN OF THE DEAD great, but...*shrug*
(And let's not forget SAW 6...or 12...or whatever it's up to now)
And I also concur that I'm most pumped for WILD THINGS. I've had the Arcade Fire song from the trailer stuck in my head for weeks now...