Wednesday, September 16, 2009

night of the pig!


what kind of mood are you in?

if you're in the mood to see something that even i found incredibly disturbing, check out this wonderful story--with picture--of a crazy little parasitic isopod that lives in the mouth of other fish. (yes, i know, technically speaking isopd 's aren't fish, but it just rolled out so smoothly...) rich woodall hooked me up with this as i was eating my dinner last night. thanks, rich.

and for more fun, make sure that you go back and read the comments on the thread below the story--have a nice nightmare...

also, next to this story, see the snake that was found in china growing a foot out of one side...
some weird stuff here. really.


i said last week that i was going to try to avoid too much personal stuff here on the blog and focus more on the paranormal and pop culture, but this weekend is my big--and long awaited--high school reunion and i thought i'd share this little article from my small town's paper from january of my senior year.

Rhinebeck Gazette Advertiser--January
Students Go Hog WIld in Non-Kosher Stunt
What Rhinebeck high school teacher John Hryshko found in the classroom Monday morning was definitely not kosher and probably caused him to cry "foul!"
Bringing an apple in for teacher is a time honored tradition among students, but some prankster evidently thought he'd go one better and brought in pork chops, bacon, and fresh hams for Hryshko. The only trouble was, the meat was still on the hoof.
Hryshko opened the door Monday morning to find a pig in his classroom. From scattered pieces of evidence, school officials deduced that the pig had been there the better part of the weekend. Also in the room was a neighborly note saying that the pig had belonged to Carole Leib of Ackert Hook Road.
High School Principal Jerome Sacco said he expected senior class pranksters were at the root of the escapade and said he was conducting an investigation. He noted that senior prank season usually began about this time every year.
Hryshko has a reputation for being one of the more strict faculty members at the high school. But Sacco said it was hard to tell whether the prank had been directed specifically at Hryshko, since he is not teaching seniors this year.
The room was cleaned up within 30 miinutes of the discovery but it took another two periods to air out the room to the point where it could be used for classes, Sacco said.
The pig, who was returned to Ms. Leib, declined to comment on the episode.

that's all you really need to know for now...

tune in friday for part 2.

have a great wednesday!
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Christian D. Leaf said...

Damn. That isopod story invokes an instant gag reflex. Glad I haven't eaten lunch yet...

Brian said...

We had a senior cut day, but no senior prank tradition so, no pigs in the class room.

Have a great time at your reunion.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha! Awesome Todd! The Night of the Pig! One of the great hometown legends from my youth. I'd never actually seen the full account of it before!

Thanks for that and indeed have a blast at the reunion. I hope you have as much fun at yours as Cusack had in Grosse Point Blank.



~ Wendy ~ said...


The year before I graduated the seniors brought in two piglets and let them lose in the school. One on the 1st floor and 1 on the 2nd floor. BUT before they let them go they "oiled" them (butter? veggie oil? can't remember) ... so when the teachers, janitors, other students tried to catch them they were left with slimy oily hands and clothes as these little piggies wiggled out of their grasp and ran off .. After that day senior prank day was forbidden.

(no piglet was harmed by this act though I was told that both piglets had lovely soft skin for weeks afterwards)

~ Wendy ~ said...

p.s. Have fun at your high school reunion (but not so much fun that you are too tired for the following weekend's reunion!!)