Wednesday, February 03, 2010



so, apparently, i am co-directing a production of "alice in wonderland" at one of my many alma maters, dutchess com col. my good friend/teacher/mentor, the incredibly gifted steve press asked me last year if i'd come and help out and, as i always enjoy working with him, i offered my assistance as "production designer'--which i thought would be a cool way of saying that i'd be the guy who designed the sets and the look of the show and figured out the stage tricks that we were going to use to make some of the more fantastical things happen (alice grows and shrinks, the cheshire cat appears and disappears, like that...) steve said, yeah! yeah!--that's great!...and immediately went and listed me as co-director.
we had auditions last week and cast the show the next day. we have some really talented people in the cast and i think it's going to be a lot of fun--well, as much fun as you can have...(the story, which isn't really much of a story in the traditional sense--alice just kinda wanders around talking nonsense with an array of colorful characters--is like some crazy drug trip. so there's some wicked potential there...)

so a couple weeks ago, i was given the task of coming up with an audition poster that would be different and hopefully grab the attention of passers-by.
i came up with this...

and this...

the idea being that some of the students in his acting class could put up the posters, xerox off the alices at different sizes, throw a splash of color on alice's dress with a crayon or a marker, and slap 'em up all over the school, each one different, each one unique.
like this, but with just one alice...

i gave them to steve a week or so ahead of time and when i asked him at auditions if they got them done and up, he told me that he felt he had enough people coming out for the show and didn't do it.

so i thought somebody should see them.

--i will also be working on the actual play posters that nobody will probably see over the next couple of weeks--

but i'm looking forward to it and it should be fun.
last night was our first rehearsal and it ran really late.
and that's why i didn't get to see lost last night.
don't tell me anything.
we're watching it tonight.

i said don't tell me anything!!!
la la la la la la la!

smell ya later~!


Alisa B said...

Love the posters!! Wish I was closer so I could help. Sounds like a blast. Give Steve a hug from me, if he remembers me ;)

Brian said...

Break a leg, everyone.

I too have Lost waiting on the DVR for me, so mums the word everyone.

Matt Wieringo said...

Rosebud's the sled.