Friday, January 29, 2010

early obsession


our own nic carcieri hooked me up with this sweet link.
a very nice article about a very nice guy!
check it out!


when i was a kid, of course, there was no internets.
when we were interested in something and wanted to look it up, we had to go to this thing called a liberry.

okay, enough of that--i'm not that old.

anyway, people keep asking me when i first became interested in the strange and unusual, the paranormal and especially, for me anyway, the cryptids. and that was a long time ago.
i'm sure i saw something on tv or maybe read it somewhere, but i got hooked on bigfoot real bad back when i was in, like, seventh grade. how old are you in seventh, 11...? ...12? anyway, i was hungry for any and all information i could find on the subject and so eagerly ran to the school library where, though i was usually a very, very shy kid, i knew i had a friend and i knew that she would help me in any way she could. it was our own alison's mother, mrs. thibodeau, who i knew from church and 'cause i was friends with her kids, jeff and alison, and who had grown up in that same small little town and had been best friends with my mom.
when i told her what i was looking for all those years ago, she said "o...kaaaaaaay...." and off we went, looking through the card catalogue (nothing), books on strange creatures (nothing), and eventually the librarian's reference for periodicals (which, i learned, meant magazines). (oh, and bingo!--we found something!)
what we found was an article in a reader's digest from about 6 years earlier and, using my amazing library skills i was able to find it and read it all in the same week!! i was so happy and so appreciative that i must've thanked mrs. thibodeau--aunt mickey-- a hundred times. it was so cool! and she could see i was somewhat obsessed as, since you weren't allowed to sign out or remove the magazines from the library, she (don't tell anybody) broke one of the faculty rules and xeroxed a copy of the article for me--6 pages that i cherished for years and years and years. it was the first item--and my most treasured--in a growing file of weird creatures and happenings that i amassed throughout my teenage years and lost somewhere in a move to one apartment or another sometime later.

funny, isn't it, that i was able to track down exactly which issue of reader's digest that appeared in on google and found a copy for sale on ebay in about three minutes a little while back.
so if you want to know where my own obsession for all this craziness began, here's the best answer i've got!

thank you, aunt mickey--mom--for all of your help and your love!
i know that you were there for each and every student that came through your library doors, always a beacon of kindness and understanding--still are--but, in your own way, your help and encouragement was instrumental in craig and i creating this crazy book!
thanks so much!

and thanks to all of you!
smell ya later!


Brian said...

Thanks for sharing, Todd, that was not just a great story, but a reminder of how much the world has changed and a reminder of what we are losing.

There is a private school up in my neck of the woods that is giving away all the books from its library as it goes to an all electronic info model. The space will be replaced by stations with computers as well as spots to plug in your own computers and a new coffee shop featuring a $12,000 capucino machine.

Yes, your encounter with your wonderful librarian/mom will be replaced by a server asking if you'd like extra foam on your beverage.

Personally, every time I hear about a move to an information system stored entirely in cyperspace I think of that wall from Orwell's Animal Farm where all the laws were written and then re-written by the pigs. Imagine how much easier it would have been for the pigs to change things in our electronic age.

My other concern, a concern shared by anyone who ever had their computer crash, is how much easier it will be in the future to lose information.

The phrase that pays for the 21st Century, "Did you back up your back up?"

Warren said...

I remember that article too! :)

portalcomics said...

Big Thanks to Craig for coming out and speaking to my son's Cub Scout Pack! It was a lot of fun!

Brien said...