Wednesday, July 28, 2010

the person that has influenced me most...


a child of television, i think i watched more hours of cartoons and i love lucy re-runs than anybody i know, my brain absorbing every line and nuance like a big fat sponge as i sat bathed in that flickering blue light.
snippets of dialogue are always swirling through my head and sometimes one gets stuck there, like the words to a favorite song will...and stay there until, sadly, it is no longer your favorite song. the other day it was the following and it stayed with me so long i posted it on my facebook status and shared it with everyone...

‎"one, two, three strikes, you're out! one, two, three strikes, you're out! one, two, three strikes, you're out!"--bugs bunny, the only pitcher to ever strike out three batters with one pitch.

"baseball bugs"--1946
final score: bugs bunny--96
gas-house gorillas--95

bugs wasn't just flippy, little juvenile entertainment to me, i regarded him as a member of the family, a screwball uncle who i saw just about everyday. i learned more from him than i think i did from many of my teachers, and while i sometimes think he was a little too cavalier in his use of dynamite, i realize now that i've patterned much of my behavior on his antics and actions.
i love that guy!

there are lots of great bugs bunny lines that are part of my lexicon, and bits that have a special meaning between me and friends;
my brother and i will often put on our best irish brogue to quip, "ya might, rabbit, ya might..."--"bugs and thugs"--1953 ("would i throw a lighted match inta this stove if my pal rocky was in there?")
my old roommate dennis and i would often boast in our best slobokian accent, "i will leap three-THOUSAND feet into a block of ce-ment...on my head yet!"--"big top bugs"--1951
and any argument in the world would simply disintegrate in an instant if one of the debaters would simply start, "duck season!"--"rabbit fire"--1950 (also "rabbit seasoning"--1952, and "duck! rabbit, duck!"--1953. "would you like to shoot him now or shoot him later?" "shoot me now! shoot me now!" BLAM! "let'ssss try that again..."

they're all in my head, bouncing around like bingo balls.
so...what are your favorite bugs bunny lines?


here are a couple did you knows? from my pal terry that i either didn't know or thought they were still curious.

this, by the way, is post no.750.
happy wednesday!
smell ya later!


Matt Wieringo said...

I'm with you on Bugs, man. He's the most quotable cartoon character of all time. I love them all but the one that pops into my head incessantly is the line from Bonanza Bunny. Bugs and Black Jacque Sellaque are playing Black Jack and Bugs says, "Can I stay on just one cahhhd?" Shellaque laughs and says, "Hells yeah!" thinking he can't lose. But Bugs' card is a 21. Whenever I play poker with friends, I roll that one out.

Do you have the Looney Tunes DVD sets? I'm only missing a couple. They're worth every penny.

Keep those info tidbits coming!

todd said...

from our pal, roger ash~

Favorite Bugs Bunny quotes? Far too many to mention.

I will often find myself humming, "Kill the wabbit!" (What's Opera Doc.) I don't recall which cartoon it's in, but "what a ta ra ra goon de ay" is a favorite insult. "Monsters are such interesting people" and "Oooh, I'm dyin'!" are also fun.


Warren said...

I like telling people they have rabititis when they start telling me about a mystery illness they're suffering from.

And it's not Bugs, but one of my favorite cartoon quotes comes in handy when someone says, "So... what are we gonna do?"

"Same thing we do every night, Pinky."

I don't finish it, because it's fun to make people wonder why I'm calling them Pinky.

Brian said...

Those are some gems, Todd.

My favorite Bugs quote:

"He don't know me very well, do he." from Hare Trigger, 1945.