Tuesday, July 06, 2010

there ya go...


so i went hiking on saturday and we had my family here for a barbeque on sunday, i posted that quick 4th of july post, and then totally forgot that yesterday was monday. i guess because everyone else had the day off...

so here it is tuesday and we'll see how the day goes...

hiking on saturday was with a couple of friends--don and dennis--across the river by new paltz, lake minnewaska in the shawangunk mountains. i'd only been hiking once before this summer and that one let me know that my cardio needed a little work. (working on it...). this was a much smoother hike--although i can still feel it a little in my calves. gotta get in shape--the zombies could be here any minute...

sunday was the fourth and we had my father, my brother and my niece and nephew over for steaks, corn on the cob, potato salad, regular green salad, water melon and pie. usually i'm the pyromaniac who has some fireworks salted away for later in the evening, but this time jeff was really proud and excited to be the guy with the connection. unfortunately, things have been pretty rainless around here for the past two weeks and we had to agree that the grass was just too dry to have sparks raining down on it all over the place--the sun has been just burning the lawns up and in my backyard, which gets the sun all day long, is so dry it crunches like uncooked spaghetti under your feet. so maybe in a couple weeks...


courtesy of my friend lizzie savage...
today is the day marty mcfly arrived in the future from 1985!
that feels kinda...weird, doesn't it?
like, am i in the future now...?
check it out.


gotta go and get to work, but i thought i'd mention my new favorite word--one i can't get out of my head and can't keep from just blurting out at the most inappropriate times like i have cryptozoological tourettes or something...i saw it mentioned as an upcoming movie on syfy's fall schedule and...well, i can wait to see it... *

it's called SHARKTOPUS!! and, really, if it's anything like dinocroc and supergator, well, i have paint i need to watch dry...

here's a taste of the superdinocrocagator and then some concept pics of, say it with me...SHARKTOPUS!


and while searching for pics of the sharktopus, i found this cool picture that i like to call "oblivious".


the answers to the
five for friday!

1. in what classic SNL skit did chris farley play a character named "drinking buddy"?

mike meyers' "middle-aged man"

2. what was the name of the movie based on the travis walton abduction case?

fire in the sky

3. what was the name of quick draw mcgraw's little burro buddy sidekick?


4. (yes, i know i've used this one before, but...)
what movie's poster touted the famous line, "just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water?

jaws 2

5. name the four members of the A-team?

hannibal, face, murdock, b.a. baracus

have a nice tuesday!
smell ya later!


Brian said...

Holy Moly! I'm headed down to the store to grab a hover board right now.

Warren said...

Where are my flying cars! They promised flying cars!

Heywood Jablomie said...

wow sharktopus??? really??? wow they're getting crazy over there at syfy lol

kinda curious to see a trailer though!