Friday, July 09, 2010

oh, sh*t


my friend lois sent me these pics a week or so ago, each one deserving of the caption...


when i was a kid, i had this poster, same caption, called "bridge out." it was a woodcut or lithograph or etching or something in that old-timey style and printed only in black on sepia-colored paper. it was a train crash, a locomotive, that had come up on a railroad bridge that wasn't ready for the weight. the engine had sorta nose-dived through the bridge and into the embutment. it didn't look like anyone had actually been hurt in the crash--i think i even remember the engineer looking out the window all confused--as some old-timey guys and looky-loos surveyed the scene. can't find the image anywhere on this great big magical internets, but it was cool and it hung in my room for years.


and here are your
five for friday!
+ 1
the other day i was watching a movie from the 80s that was supposed to be taking place in 60s that was directed by a guy who created a tv show in the 70s about growing up in the 50s...which has absolutely nothing to do with the following questions about the 50s.
not the decade--just the numbers.

1. number of varieties that heinz boasts.

2. top secret air base in nevada (where they allegedly keep the aliens).

3. new york's most famous--and infamous--disco club in the 70s.

4. five-oh! where did this slang term come from and why?

5. cop comedy from the early 60s. "car __, where are you?"

6. card game that involves the dealer firing the cards all over the room.

bonus: can you name the movie from the 80s about the kid in the 60s?
and the creator of the show from the 70s about life in the 50s?

that's it!--i'm on a boat!
smell ya later!


Matt Wieringo said...

1. 57. (Wonder where that question came from? :) )

2. Area 51

3. Studio 54

4. It means "police" and comes from the show "Hawaii 5-0."

5. 54

6. 52

bonus: can you name the movie from the 80s about the kid in the 60s? Dunno.
and the creator of the show from the 70s about life in the 50s? Gary Marshall?

By the way, if Sandra Bullock had been driving that train, it would have made it across the bridge.

Brian said...

Definitely a little photoshop magic in some of those pictures. The shadows are off on the lion and the man in the tent photo.

As for the five for, good job Matt, I had all of those, but I could not pull Gary Marshall's name out of my grey matter.

As for a movie from the 80's about a kid in the 60's, Hairspray fits the bill, but I doubt that is the one you are thinking about.

Heywood Jablomie said...

being home sick i finally got caught up on the blog woohoo!

got nothing on the five-fer, since matt got all the ones i knew.

as for the pics, oh sh*t is right!! i;d like to know the story behind the ca coming out of the roof though, wtf?!

Heywood Jablomie said...

oh yeah and while on that boat don't forget your flippy floppies!!

Matt Wieringo said...

Rereading my responses, I realized I didn't give the full name for #6. The game is called "52 pick up." I think there was a Roy Scheider movie called that too.

I'm not going to be able to sleep until I figure out what the 80's movie is. That was my DECADE, man!

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are crazy scary! I can relate with the elephant one... i was in a safari in South Africa, and we were chased by an elephant!!!! I thought i was going to die!
As for the 5 for Friday + 1 - i got nothing... pretty pathetic, i know!.
Hope you had lots of fun on the boat!


Warren said...

I think that Hawaii 5-0 also refers to the fact that Hawaii is the 50th state, similar to when Vermont police refer to themselves as "Vermont 1-4".

And is the 80's movie you refer to the Outsiders?