Friday, September 10, 2010

perhapanauts: the print and the pins...!


now that i'm pretty much back on my feet and back on my game, many of you have been writing in to inquire about the availability of the perhapanauts baltimore comiccon one-sheet and the best-selling perhapanauts pin sets; are there any left? will they be made available in the perhapanauts store? are they as cool as they look in the pictures?
the answers are; a few, eventually, and cooler.

our site IS in need of an update and it's something that craig and i have discussed. unfortunately our designer and web master, kieran is a very busy guy, but we'll have him do a once-over when he gets a chance.

in the meantime, these new items ARE available and here's the 411 on that...

the baltimore comiccon (previously exclusive) 2010 one-sheet featuring the MARYLAND GOAT-MAN mixing it up with our very own BIG is 11 X 17, printed on a heavy stock paper, signed by us, and ready for immediate framing. mailed in a sturdy cardboard tube, the piece sells for $10. plus $3. for shipping and handling. (the handling, by me, will be gentle.)

also available are the previously SOLD OUT! perhapanauts pin sets.
these were such a big hit at the show that we had to give out rain checks!

sold in Sets A and 2--as seen in the poorly-lit photos below--these 1 1/4' buttons are bright, colorful, and eager to be featured on your hat, lapel, backpack, or lingerie. each set sells for $5. plus $2.50 for shipping.
shipping costs on all perhapanauts items can be combined.

here's a shot of the buttons in their original form as i don't have time to play with the lighting on the highly-reflective pins...

in other perhapanauts news; things are really happening here at perhapanauts central! craig has been on a fantastic roll, continually churning out fantastic pages of the forthcoming miniseries! as are the various artists working on some of the back-up stories which will be featured in that series as well! craig is also hard at work on the NEXT perhapanauts one-sheet for our next show; the mid-ohio comiccon in november...featuring the mysterious LOVELAND FROG CREATURES seen years ago in loveland, ohio.
and in just a week and a half, the perhapanauts:dark days trade hits the stands and shelves of your local comic shops and barnes and amazons! collecting the entire dark horse runs--first blood and second chances--this is a gorgeous book and is a great way to introduce new readers to the world of the perhapanauts! (end plug.)


here's a tip;
when operating a drive-in movie theater, choose your double features wisely...



and here's the time of year when i'm always torn--
i want so desperately for summer to continue for, well, i'd take another 3 months of it. summer's flies by too quickly around here.
on the other hand, the nights are getting a bit of that slight chill to them that triggers that part of me that loves the fall...and with autumn comes that swirling obsession of all things creepy. i can feel it coming, threatening to consume me.
so though it's still a whole 2 months away, i want you to start getting start thinking about it. whatcha gonna be for halloween? (if you start now, it could be awesome!)

that's it for me.
have a great weekend!
smell ya later!


Adam Hutch said...

You're right this cold-ish snap here in Upstate NY has really put the Autumn mood in the air. The weather and AMC's big-time Walking Dead promotion really have me looking forward to Halloween-time. I'll be going as dutiful father accompanying Supergirl on Halloween, with my sidekick Super Pregnant Wife. :)

Todd, are you gonna have the posters and pins for sale at Albany?

todd said...

yeah, adam--i'll have all the latest perhapanauts shwag at the albany show (OCTOBER 24th for those of you in the area!)

Brian said...


Any chance of getting you to the Boston show next Spring. It's going to be BIG - pun intended.

Anonymous said...

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