Friday, January 07, 2011

the classics


i was torn about what to do with this; part of me wanted to post some examples of classic comic book covers from down the ages...and the other part of me didn't want to step on any toes or steal anyone's thunder. as the artist, it's your choice to choose a cover that you consider iconic and that you feel would make the transition from classic to...perhapanautical-where you feel it would be fun to swap out the original characters and replace them with the perhapanauts. or 'naut. maybe it's only one.

so, in hopes that i'm not tipping anyone's hand here, here are a few of the most recognizable classic covers to inspire you as you create your own perhapanauts classic comic cover!
have fun!

getting some snow today--
(though i grabbed this from most emailed photos on yahoo)

monday we'll be talking about what you've been watching, reading, listening to, so start thinking about that...

have a great weekend~!
smell ya later~!

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Brian said...

Also, you cannot go wrong with just about anything by Mr. Cardy.

Just a dusting to a couple of inches in my neck of the woods.

Have a great weekend everyone.