Monday, January 03, 2011

perhapanauts comic cover challenge~!


so warren emailed me the other day to tell me about a new artistic group he's become involved in over at and send me the link so that i could see some of his submissions in their monthly superhero redesign contest. not a web surfer (or i'd get nothing done...), i usually rely on others to point me in the right direction when something cool comes along (the other day i just heard about this youtube thing...) and ever since i'd first seen warren's artwork several years ago--and have since posted several pieces here on the blog--i'd asked him to keep me in the loop and let me know what he was up to art-wise.

here, then, is warrens' re-vamp of the ever-agile black cat with some notes about the hows and the whys of his new design.

"My idea is to give Felicia a less dated, classier look. The top is inspired by a couple of movies I watched today; I saw this same kind of neckline in each and thought, 'Well, there’s a timeless look if ever there was one.' The top evolved into a short, short dress, so for practicality’s sake, she needed tights or leggings beneath it. Though I kept the fur around her neckline, I decided to ditch the fur on her legs. Instead, I gave her contemporary boots with white, puffy tassels. If you’ve ever had a cat, you’ll know that cats love tassels. Overall, my strategy was to make her look less like a hootchie-momma, and more like a stylish adventurer."

head on over to and check out some of warren's other entries and what it's all about. similar to our pal, dean trippe's project rooftop, it's a fun way to celebrate the things we love about comics and look into the limitless imaginations of some very talented artists!


and so, with that in mind, and some cool new perhapanauts shwag on the way, i've decided to open the doors on a new contest of our own--a PERHAPANAUTS COMIC COVER CHALLENGE!!

i love comics and i love covers! i am a huge fan of the classic comic cover homage and craig is SO sick and tired of me asking every issue..."can we do an homage cover on this one?!" if i had my way, every single issue of the perhapanauts--NO!...of every comic i wrote--would come with a classic cover variant cover! i love the classics and love the incredible design sense some of the great artists have brought to the covers of our favorites over the years ( ie; my pal, nick, and carmine infantino on all those powerful teen titans and aquaman covers!) !

so here's the deal--find a classic cover, one that you love, one that resonates with you, and re-do it as a perhapanauts cover! any style, any medium--send us a jpeg of both the original and your inspired masterpiece and
as usual, all entries will be posted here and the winner or winners will receive some cool perhapanauts loot (the exact contents of said "loot" to be announced later this week...)

ready to get your art on?! ready to show us what you got?!
it's a new year, baby--bring it!

get thinkin' about it~
smell ya later~!


Rich Woodall said...

So.... when's the deadline, cause I'm totally in!

Jason Copland said...

I could probably muster up something for this, too... :)

todd said...

i'm thinking the end of the month--january 31.
that sound good?
enough time?
too much?

i'll post more details once i get some more feedback.

Jason Copland said...

That should work for me.

Brian said...

If I could draw a lick, I'd be in too.

Hands Up! Studio said...

I'm up for taking a shot at this too. :)

Christian D. Leaf said...

Count me in, too!

Heywood Jablomie said...

aw man this sounds awesome!!! wish my drewing skills weren't so rusty. i have a few really cool ideas! anyone wanna collaborate? lol