Friday, January 28, 2011



hey, gang!--only a few days left to work on your PERHAPANAUTS CLASSIC COMIC COVER CHALLENGE!!!
if you haven't started yet, cancel all those weekend plans, unplug the phone and skip all those chores and errands, 'cause the deadline for entries is 12 midnight (est) on monday, january, jones, 2011!

as of right now, i have five solid, completed entries--each one a study in awesomeness--and three "in progress"...but there's still time to get yours in!!
don't delay, start yours today!!


in my search for steampunk images --more on that later-- i stumbled across this awesome piece by eric joyner, an artist who has a lot of fun painting robots and tin toys! you can check out some more of his cool stuff at

i loved these boys when i was a kid! what power! what conditioning! what heart!


another cool challenge going on this weekend is that my friend dave has entered us in a trivia challenge this sunday afternoon here in picturesque red hook! i haven't been in a trivia competition in a long time and i haven't had a chance to hang with dave in a long time either! so it's win-win-win! (the third win is because we'll probably be drinking beer...!)

but of course the prospect of new trivia has put me in the mood, so here are, for your enjoyment, the long-awaited return of your:

"five for friday!"

1. liverpool hope university, this week, awarded canadian mary-lu zahalan-kennedy with the first masters degree in the study of what unique subject?

2. what is the name of the art of pruning shrubs and bushes into the shapes of animals?

3. in the 1960's what leading toy company produced the rock 'em sock'em robots?

4. what hulk adversary, created in 1973, had two heads, one stacked right on top of the other!!

5. red light challenge!!!
name the other leading toy companies from the 1960's that produced these timeless classics--

a. barbie

b. g.i. joe

c. monopoly, clue, sorry

d. frisbee

e.mousetrap, battling tops, captain action

that's all she wrote!
have a great weekend!
smell ya later!


Christian D. Leaf said...

Looking forward to peeping all the entries!

For the Fiver:
1) No idea
2) Topiary
3) Mattel?
4) Bi-Beast
5c) Parker Bros.
5d) Whammo

Brian said...

Good luck to all the cover boys and girls.

Now on to the Five or so for Friday.

1. Comic Art History?

2. Topiary.

3. Mainway Toys, (The also had the fabulouse "Bag O Glass. Hours of fun for the entire family.)

4. The Leader with his more evil twin sitting on his shoulders?


a. Mattel

b. Hasbro

c. Milton Bradley

d, Whammo

e. No idea, but I had all those toys as a kid. Clearly, any attempts to inspire brand loyalty in my young mind failed.

Pj Perez said...

Eric Joyner is the man. He's had a few of his "robots and donuts" shows here in Vegas and he's a swell guy as well.