Wednesday, January 05, 2011

details, details...the perhapanauts classic comic cover challenge~!


so it seems that we've caught the interest of at least a few talented artists with the announcement/suggestion of
the perhapanauts classic comics cover challenge
( i retroactively threw the word classic in there, 'cause classic is cool. )
( and to maybe class the place up. )

while the loot at the end is still yet to be determined, we did figure out another detail or two so that you can get your perhapanauts classic comics cover started~!

~ "classic" is a subjective turn and each artist is free to define that the way they see it. you think that the cover to teenage mutant ninja turtles #4 is a classic, go to it! ...though the more iconic cover you choose, the wider the audience you appeal to...

~ jpgs of just about every comic book cover ever have been posted somewhere on the internet. please send a image of the cover you are paying homage to with your submission.

~ deadline for submissions is midnight ( 12:00 pm est ) monday january 31, 2011. send a jpg of your cover, plus your inspiration/source to

~ the winner of the perhapanauts classic comic cover challenge will be announced here on the perhapa-blog the following friday morning, february 4, 2011.

~ also, please 'e' me at the above eddress with any questions.

check back for updates!


i love this picture.

not a lightning bug, buddy.

have a great wednesday!
smell ya later~!


Christian D. Leaf said...

Solid! I picked out a modern classic and hoped it'd be okay for the contest. Starting that puppy tonight!

Brian said...

The frog picture is amazing.

Good luck to all the cover guys and gals.