Monday, January 31, 2011

monday morning in mali


tonight's the night--the deadline for the PERHAPANAUTS CLASSIC COMIC COVER CHALLENGE ends tonight at midnight!
i am SO impatient--i CAN'T WAIT to show you what these very talented artists created for our little show!! each and every one of them did an exceptionally awesome job! you will, i KNOW, be blown away!

here's how we're doing this; starting tomorrow, a new entry will be posted both here on the blog and on the Perhapanauts Facebook page each day, presented to you in the order they were submitted. at the time of this writing, we have five entries submitted, with promises of more to come in before zero hour. so that takes us 'til at least next monday! feel free, as the entries unroll, to comment, praise, and encourage. then, once the entire gallery of submissions has been posted, we'll have the wrap-up!

thanks for your incredible contributions, everybody--and keep 'em comin'!!


the title of this post refers to one of the questions (that stumped us) in my little trivia challenge yesterday. geography was never one of my most confident subjects in trivial pursuit, but i can assure that i will now never forget that timbuktu is in mali. which is in africa. (didn't help that i thought it was a city in siam, now thailand. which, y'know, is in asia...)
i have my moments.

i had a great time though and even more enjoyed hanging and playing with the people i was there with. my high school and ghost-hunting pal dave and his wife, christine, put together a great team--we just need someone to cover those geography questions better in the future!

and now, the
answers to your

"five for friday!"

1. liverpool hope university, this week, awarded canadian mary-lu zahalan-kennedy with the first masters degree in the study of what unique subject?

the beatles

2. what is the name of the art of pruning shrubs and bushes into the shapes of animals?


3. in the 1960's what leading toy company produced the rock 'em sock'em robots?


4. what hulk adversary, created in 1973, had two heads, one stacked right on top of the other!!

the bi-beast!

5. red light challenge!!!
name the other leading toy companies from the 1960's that produced these timeless classics--

a. barbie


b. g.i. joe


c. monopoly, clue, sorry

parker bros

d. frisbee


e.mousetrap, battling tops, captain action


tomorrow, the perhapanauts classic comic cover challenge!
get your entries in by midnight tonight!
smell ya later~~!


Rich Woodall said...

Man! I can not wait to see all the Awesome Art!!!

Jason Copland said...

Mine's going to be tight up against that deadline...

Eric Henson said...

Cool trivia, Todd! I'm really excited to see all of the Challange Entries! It's going to 5-kinds of awesome!

Heywood Jablomie said...

Can't wait to see who did what with their covers. With all the talent roaming this blog it's going to be awesome!!!

Brian said...

Looking forward to seeing all the entrants. For those pushing the deadline, good luck and don't give up.