Monday, March 28, 2011

as promised...


about a month or so ago, i was contacted by dublin evans, creative director at MotionWorks Entertainment, and asked if i would be interested in creating a new--and hopefully, popular--new property for them that they would be able to debut their all-new, too-cool, cutting edge, ground-breaking, this is what motion comics SHOULD be, line of motion comics. in that most of the motion comics i'd seen in the past had been kinda...well, boring--clunky, choppy movement, random shifting backgrounds/midgrounds/foregrounds, movement just for the sake of movement-- i said, show me what ya got.
he did...and i was in.

i suggested a steampunk story that i'd had been toying with for the past year or so and dublin and his business partner, alexis, loved the idea, feeling that dc and marvel had pretty much cornered the market on superheroes, and eager to see something different. they promised that they would find for me a top name, an artist's artist who would be able to make this very new and very different art form POP! jaw hit the ground when they told me that they were bringing the legendary and oh-so talented bret blevins onboard.

the tale--the first, we hope, of many--is called KATIE GREAVEN and the ENGINE-MEN! it takes place in 1887 and follows the teenaged katie as she is first introduced to her father's secret cache of sensational and frightening inventions and then puts them to use in an adventure that will change her life--and history--forever! KATIE GREAVEN and the ENGINE-MEN will be out this summer and you can be sure that you'll hear all about it here!!

and so, as if that weren't cool enough, as dublin and alexis and i were talking and putting this project together, they told me how much they liked both TELLOS and The PERHAPANAUTS, the books that made them consider me in the first place, and that it was too bad that we couldn't do motion comics versions of those worlds as well. i asked why we couldn't. they asked if i owned them (well, i CO-own them...) and after a rather quick conversation with matt and craig, i managed to somehow triple my work all in one phone call! that's right, also to debut later this year, i will be doing both a TELLOS and a PERHAPANAUTS motion comic with MotionWorks Entertainment!! Exact dates on their releases will be forthcoming, but we're pretty sure that the Perhapanauts one will be a Halloween treat...Craig will be handling the art chores on that one, while the artist for the Tellos story has yet to be decided.

so there's your announcement. i hope you like it.

you can see more about MotionWorks--and read a short interview with me-- here


in keeping with my plan to re-visit some cool perhapa-pin-ups that we haven't seen in a while, here is the way-cool cover that ryan lord sent us a year or so back...

awesome job, ryan--and what a great atmosphere...!


and here are the
answers to your
"five for friday!"
i love it when one artist sings about another artist in their songs.
here are a couple of questions along those lines...

1. in the song sweet home alabama, what singer/songwriter does lynard skynard call out about talkin' trash about the south?

neil young (in southern man)

2. who was singing on the radio in bruce sprinsteen's thunder road?

roy orbison (singin' for the lonely...)

3. in the song true by spandau ballet, who were they listening to "all night long"...?

listenin' to marvin all night long...marvin gaye

4. along with the beatles and the stones, mott the hoople sang about what 60s/70s glam band in all the young dudes?


5. in eddie money's take me home tonight, he sings "just like ronnie says..." ("sang") who's ronnie?

ronnie spector (of the ronettes--"be my baby")

have a great week--and a great monday!
smell ya later~!


Christian D. Leaf said...

Very excellent news, Todd! Looking forward to seeing The 'Haps and Tellos motionified!

Rich Woodall said...

SWEET! This is all awesome news!!!

Warren said...

Great news! Congratulations! I hope these are hits!

Penelopecat said...

Cool! Bret Blevins drew the comic that got me interested in proto-Steampunk Victorian fantasy in the first place: The Bozz Chronicles!

Brian said...

Man, Bret Blevins, that is really cool, and the project sounds like a lot of fun.

Congrats, guys, I hope all three are smash hits.

Adam Hutch said...

Awesome news!

Matt Wieringo said...

Congrats, Todd. I loved Bret Blevins' articles in...was it DRAW! Magazine? He's an artists' artist.