Monday, March 14, 2011

craig's sketches at the con~!


here are some more pics from our wonderful weekend in seattle!

craig did a bunch of awesome sketches at the show and i am always a fanboy over his shoulder!
forgive my shoddy camera work--even with a flash, i just couldn't seem to get out from under my own shadow!

the classic team-up of...joker and...power girl...?

a neat nightcrawler

a super-cute black cat with some awesome gray-tones!


this stunning wonder woman!

and here are a couple random shots that i didn't get to post last week...

craig looking up from some important business during one of our two breakfasts at the "sweet waffle cafe". that what is was called, craig?

a picture craig took of the space needle from a few blocks away...

...and i took a picture of craig taking a picture of the space needle from a few blocks away...

me and the cully.

that's it for today~!
smell ya later!


Brian said...

Thanks for sharing, Todd.

Man, Craig was on fire in the Emerald City. He's doing a little something different with his inking and I really like it.

Warren said...

I want you and Craig to do a Wonder Woman book! :D

Eric Henson said...

Those sketches are 78 kinds of awesome! Hey, maybe next time I can go! Looks like a blast!