Friday, March 25, 2011

i got nothin'...


i apologize for not having had anything to post on wednesday; a combination of having a ton of work before me and not really anything to say. i thought about writing about the tv and movies i've been watching lately, but that seemed like it would just be a list and who really cares what i like anyway...? (although i saw and loved the adjustment bureau, rented jack-ass 3D [wish i had seen it in 3D], and, if you get a chance, hunt down the new BBC series, sherlock, that craig lent me on dvd and was just brilliant!!...)

i was gonna write up a little something about how hollywood should stop whining about low theater attendance and realize that the real reason that people aren't going to the movies is that other people are there. talking, testing, yelling at the screen. shut up. but i try not to post anything too negative here on the blog.

then i was thinking that i really oughta let you all know what i'm doing, what i'm/we're working on just in case you haven't listened to our pal, russ burlingame's podcast yet...but it turns out that that's gonna be the post for monday when i find out what i can and can't actually talk about...(i think i can talk about it all...tune in monday...)

so with nothing more than that, all i really have is this, a joke tyler told me the other day...

two drums and a cymbal fall off a cliff.

ba. dum. chh.


while rifling through the perhapanauts files for some reference the other day, i happened upon a folder called "perhapa-pin-ups" which features a lot of wonderful artwork by various artists from right here in our perhapa-family! most of them have only ever been posted once and i thought it would be fun to re-visit some of these awesome pieces!

here's one of my favorites from our pal gino patti!


and here are the
"five for friday!"
i love it when one artist sings about another artist in their songs.
here are a couple of questions along those lines...

1. in the song sweet home alabama, what singer/songwriter does lynard skynard call out about talkin' trash about the south?

2. who was singing on the radio in bruce sprinsteen's thunder road?

3. in the song true by spandau ballet, who were they listening to "all night long"...?

4. along with the beatles and the stones, mott the hoople sang about what 60s/70s glam band in all the young dudes?

5. in eddie money's take me home tonight, he sings "just like ronnie says..." ("sang") who's ronnie?

have a great weekend!
smell ya later~!


Matt Wieringo said...

That's a great pinup! I love his take on Karl. Neat.

1. Neil Young. That's all I got.

Brian said...

The new Sherlock is awesome. I cannot wait for more episodes almost as much as I cannot wait for your news on Monday.

As for the five for friday,

5. Ronnie Spector

That's all I got.

JohnPopa said...

2. In "Thunder Road" it's Roy Orbison singing about the lonely.

Phineas Q Fisticuffs said...

1. Neil Young
2. Roy Orbison
4. T. Rex
5. Ronnie Spector

gino said...

Hey thanks for posting that!