Wednesday, March 30, 2011

thor, metamorpho, and cap'n craig...


as we continue to mourn the loss of our book, the marvel super hero squad!, artist leonel castellani and i trade notes and emails with one another, keeping each other abreast of what we're up to and what we're working on. leo has been handling the art chores on disney's rescue rangers for boom! studios and has also been tapped to handle the covers on some of their other duck-themed disney titles! nice work if you can get it, but he misses the squaddies...we both do.
having a few days of downtime, however, leo was inspired by his love for thor--and the upcoming movie--to draw and paint this powerful portrait of the norse god of thunder!
and then share it with me.
and i, with you.

awesome, right...?


and, also in the 'awesome art' department, i had this crazy thing happen...
so a couple of weeks ago, as i posted here on the blog, i did a store signing at my own local comic book shop (well...local is a relative term. but it's where i get my comics every couple a' weeks...) along with the rest of our regular lunch crowd--sinnott's seven--(although there are about 12 of us actually)! the gang consists of terry austin, dan green, fred hembeck, ron marz, joe sinnott, mark sinnott, walter and louise simonson, joe staton, matthew dow smith, jim starlin, and (the one person that i rarely get to chat with...) the incomparable ramona fradon!
for those of you new to this crazy comic book world, ramona is legendary for her work on titles like aquaman, metamorpho, superfriends and--my personal favorite--plastic man!
i finally got a chance to speak with ramona for a little bit at the store last week, and pick up one of the sketches that she did for the signing.
and then promptly brought it home and lost it...!
i had been so excited to share it, post it on the blog that following monday and then something came up and i needed to post something else and...put it down somewhere, couldn't find it. i turned the place upside-down looking for it, didn't, and just accepted that it would turn up at some point. (this is the mantra of the owner of every messy, cluttered office, studio, or opium den, "it'll turn up somewhere...")
it did. it all came back to me when i opened the scanner to scan a bob montana image from an old archie comic and there was my ramona metamorpho. (i had placed it on the scanner to scan, the phone rang, it was nick cardy, and when the conversation was over several hours later--that's how nick and me roll--i'd totally forgotten about it.)
so here it is. sorry for the long story.
beautiful, innit?


and, as we have both been going through withdrawals while craig and his family are down at megacon and disneyworld, rich sent this over to me the other night to cheer me up!
it did.

have a great wednesday!
smell ya later!


Anonymous said...

Awesome drawings indeed! And by the way, I like your long stories.

Matt Wieringo said...

Is that ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY? Is that for realz?

Damn, dude. You get to hang out with some incredible people. (Or, they get to hang out with YOU. :) )

I think a lot of people miss the Squadies. And I miss getting to look for action figures for you.

todd said...

no, rich put craig over william shatner's face.
but it looks great though, right?

and you need to come up here for a sinnott's seven lunch, matt.

Brian said...

That drawing of Thor is "Mighty" good.

As for the article, I thought it was great that Craig was mentioned amongst such august company. Only thing that would have made it better is if they mentioned the "Haps too.

Warren said...

I love that Thor.

I bet you could write a book of the stories you've heard over those lunches.