Wednesday, May 25, 2011

nic carcieri's "the call"


long-absent from the comments section--but not from our hearts--i got a chance to catch up with our good pal, nic carcieri the other day and was asking him what he'd been up to.
what he'd been up to was quite a bit as nic just recently finished a short film that he did in conjunction with the south county hospital and the narragansett fire department in rhode island. the piece is a psa directed at teens dramatically illustrating the results of drinking and driving. he's presented the film at local high schools and movie theaters to great response and earlier this month posted it to youtube.

it's a powerful piece, driving home the terrible consequences of drunk driving and outlining the irrefutable fact that being responsible starts before you take that first drink.
check it out for yourself.

great job, nic~!
how many of us can say that we did something like this that actually saved lives...?


in a week and a half craig and i will be at HEROESCON in Charlotte NC--JUNE 3-5!!
we'll have all the cool perhapanauts shwag that the airlines will let us bring and a brand new exclusive heroescon one-sheet featuring a local cryptid that got a lot of ink a few years back~!
a preview of this cool and colorful print will be posted here next monday and wednesday!! don't miss it!
hope to see you at the show!!


and here are a couple of images i grabbed from here and there and thought were funny.

smell ya later~!


portalcomics said...

thanks so much for the mention Todd! The Call was a lot of hard work and I had many, many great people helping me out on it!

Brian said...

Good job, Nic.

Todd, thanks for the laughs, the last one with the ipod made me laugh out loud.