Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Heroescon Costume Parade!


well, as the title proclaims, here are the wonderful costumes--and wonderful comics fans--that we were fortunate enough to see/meet/enjoy this past weekend! it seemed like only a few minutes would go by when matt would nudge me or call over to me pointing out yet another photo op! needless to say, the costumed con-goers are always one of my favorites and this year there were some absolutely beautiful costumes on hand! (as always, i apologize for the quality of the photos and especially the couple of fuzzy ones in here--i must have inadvertently changed the setting at one point...)

let the parade begin...!

we'll start out with this wonderful, wonderful wasp~!

beautiful batgirl!

this magnificent ms. marvel~!

a cheerful cheetah! (i'm trying to go with the alliterations...we'll see how far i can go with it...this one is a bit sarcastic)

a spine-chilling scarecrow and a jovial "killing joke" joker...

just...WOW~! wonder woman~! and i mean, WOW~! (you can see more of her her on friday...) and a resplendent red skull! (both costumes were just incredible..for obvious--and quite different reasons. both were perfect, but our red skull here was chilling, with a stunning mask and piercing electric blue eyes! excellent job!

a scintillating spider-man 2099!

a bombastic black widow!

the curious combination of a hungry hulk and a saucy silk spectre!

and finally...a defiant dark knight! i accidentally cut his ears off, but when i asked him for another picture--

--bitch knocked me out~!

be here friday for more from heroescon, the next installment of
rich and jason's "saints and sinners", and the ever-feisty nick cardy~!
smell ya later!


Matt Wieringo said...

Ha! I didn't see the Hulk. Funny. Yeah, Wonder Woman was turning heads everywhere. I saw her in her civvies later and I figured it had to be because she couldn't walk three steps without having her picture taken.

I think that's actually the Black Widow instead of the Baroness. Cool, either way.

todd said...

i just took it for granted that she was the baroness 'cause a the gun...
i shoulda looked closer...
i'll adjust it on the blog...
thanks, matt~!

Matt Wieringo said...

Is that "Drunk Hulk" of Twitter fame?

Brian said...

The Wonder Woman was amazing. If the TV show used that costume, it would have been picked up for sure.