Friday, August 05, 2011

all our talented friends~!


first of all, part three of scott weinstein's "We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming..." is now up at TALES FROM THE PERHAPS (se link above)!! this installment is a real game-changer--or maybe i should say, channel changer--as scott serves up his own brilliantly-twisted--or maybe that should be twistedly-brilliant--take on the haps!
or maybe that should be takes...
either way, get on over to the TALES page and see for yourself!

next, it might be shark week on the discovery channel, but i feel like it's been 'get in touch with your family week' here at perhapanauts central. scott's been banging out his Tales story and recruited all of our friends--kelly yates, leanne hannah, rich woodall, and jason copland--to give him a hand! craig, rich, and our overseas correspondent, eric henson, have been turning in pages at a pretty regular rate for the forthcoming perhapanauts australian adventure: danger down under! matt and christian are hard at work finishing up the last pages of their two-part back-up that will appear in said miniseries! and lauren monardo has finally--and graciously--been able to find some time in between working too many jobs and making wedding plans--she an tim are getting married next month!!--to finish up her hilarious 8-page story that will appear in our first new issue!!
so along with the fact that craig and i are also hard at work on the very first, very cool perhapanauts motion comic, things are buzzing around here!
which is why it was cool the other day when leanne 'e'd me this awesome sketch from her own sketchbook sending me a shot of her favorite character in her favorite costume as a subtle hint/reminder that we need to get to work on the Tales story i promised her years ago!

karl as the sensational MOTHMAN!

okay, leanne--i'll get right on it!

(oh, and i also owe gino a script-! damn!)
(and cat...)
crap. can anyone sell me and extra summer...?

well, apparently, i gotta get to work.
be here monday for the announcement of our next perhapanauts halloween holiday challenge!
smell ya later~!


Scott Weinstein said...

You forgot to mention the artist for this week's page. Who was it again? Tim something? No that's not it. Was it Tom Deranajis. No that doesn't sound right either. Who drew this page?

Oh right, it was you!

That's right everyone. This week's page was drawn by Todd. And he did a fantastic job!

Thanks for doing it. That was a great addition to this story.

Leanne said...

EXACTLY, Scott. I was like "whoa, it's Todd's art!" when I saw the new Tales page. Awesome stuff, Todd and Scott!

And thanks for posting the Karl sketch. Glad you like! (Everybody needs a shot of Karl Power every once in a while, I say.)

Brian said...

Nice work Scott and Todd.

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