Friday, August 12, 2011

jason's birthday, scott's tale, leanne's ghost, and, oh, yeah--the baltimore comiccon~!


first of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JASON~!
yesterday was our pal, jason copland's birthday.
we're a day late. sorry, j.
to celebrate, we've posted the latest installment of scott weinstein's "We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Program..." over on our increasingly popular TALES FROM THE PERHAPS page (see link above) which just happens to have been illustrated by jason himself! *(we would have published it anyway, seeing that it's part 4 and all, but since it was jason's birthday and we didn't really get him anything, we thought we make an empty gesture out of it and tell him it was for him...)


did you get the part that part 4 of scott weinstein's hugely popular Tales From The Perhaps is up...? go look at it!


speaking of the very talented artists in our perhapa-family who have been kind enough to grace our pages with their wonderful work, our own lovely leanne hannah 'e'd me the other day with these cool photos that she took while on a ghost walk in historic--and apparently spooky--annapolis with her also lovely husband rod.
in that we are kindred spirits in chasing spirits, leanne told me that the misty swirl that you see in this first image was not visible to the naked eye, nor was the glare/flash in the lower left corner--no one was suing a flash at the time. it wasn't until she looked at the camera screen that she saw that ethereal smoke and said what the hell.

leanne then tried to duplicate the shot to see if she could pick it up again--image 2. but no misty presence here.


but thanks, leanne. that's awesome!
we gotta get more people going out on ghost walks and ghost hunting and alla that.


oh, and also, next weekend--august 20-21--craig and rich and leanne and rod and kelly and i and many of our other friends will be trekking down (or up...or over...or through...) to baltimore for the baltimore comiccon!

come and see us!
we can't wait to see YOU!

okay, that's all for me.
have a great weekend!
smell ya later!


Brian said...

Jason, loved the art on your installment of Scott's story.

Sorry I won't be seeing you guys in Baltimore, but I'm sure you'll have a great time.

Jason Copland said...

Thanks, Brian! And thanks for the birthday well wishes, Todd!