Friday, August 26, 2011

have a great weekend~!


first of all, part 6 of scott's "We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming..." is up over on the TALES FROM THE PERHAPS page and, as usual, it is a LOT of fun! so go check it out right now. i'll wait.

as busy as i was at the table last weekend, i got to see a lot of really great sketches by the multitude of awesome artists in the room! my friends james, luis, and tom came by from time to time showing off some of their great 'gets' and, of course, i was sitting between craig and rich, both of whom were doing some fine sketching, matt on the other side of rich and i know i saw him with an open sketchbook a few times...!


one of my favorites this weekend was when our own mike estelle came over, ecstatic, enthusiastically passing me his sketchbook to show me the beautiful piece he'd just gotten from leanne who was, sadly, way over on the other side of the big room and i hadn't even seen her yet. or rod. it was like she was sending karl over to let us know she was here. anyway, here's the awesome piece by an awesome artist--and person! love that new haircut, leanne!--and thanks to her artistic benefactor, mike estelle for allowing us to post it here.

(used by permission)


and here, though you'll forgive my horrible photography, is a beautiful canson catwoman (julie newmar version) that i grabbed from craig before he gave it to the guy who commissioned it. my problem with taking pictures of these pieces at the show is that i have to use the flash to eliminate the shadows of my hands from the overhead lights. gotta work on that...

she is gorgeous though. that guy can draw.

anyway, gotta go!
have a great weekend!
smell ya later~!