Tuesday, June 06, 2006

back to basics


i don't really have a lotta time to talk today...
my pal, scott weinstein, is comin' up from the city for a day or so--to hopefully write some funny, funny stuff--and the place is a mess. not that my place isn't ALWAYS a mess anyway, but the hot water heater blew up/blew out the other day, and though the guys replacing it did a helluva good and fast job of it, the floors need to be mopped and everything moved back to it's original place. y'know...?

anyway, i went on a couple of entries back about how craig has just been thrilling and inpsiring me with the new covers for the new series and, while i love 'em all, i gotta say that i think this one is my favorite! craig wanted it to be a little more active, more frenetic, and i talked him out of it, so blame me if it looks too quiet. but believe me, it's not! the events in THAT issue...well, you're just gonna hafta wait and see...!

also, craig did the colors for these covers and i think he did a kickass job on this! we don't mean to dis our rico, but sometimes an artist wants to take a project from the beginning to the end and that's what craig wanted to do this time with the covers. i think they look awesome!

well, i gotta go mop.


Brian said...

I can see why this one is your favorite Todd as it is not only iconic, but also conveys that calm before the storm sense incredibly well. As for the coloring job, holy smokes, but that there's some d**n fine work.


Brian said...

As for the water heater, I feel your pain brother. We just had to replace ours a couple of months ago. Luckily we got the rusty water warning, so were able to get to her replace before she blew.

My brother-in-law does HVAC on the side - he's a high school VOC teacher full-time - and he was able to replace it for me. He takes the old water heater's up to the VOC for the kids to practice taking apart. I'm told that as soon as they got it to the school, the bottom burst. That was a close one.


todd said...


well, i got hot water again and that's all that really matters to me. sounds like you got yours out just in time though.
thanks for the props on the cover--'calm before the storm'...? heh. that fits what's gonna happen exactly...!

todd said...

hey, dave!
we're gonna make this one one of the banners that we take to conventions so you'll see plenty of it! actually, we've decided to go a little crazy promoting the 'haps; we're also making postcards to pimp both the trade and the new series as well as a cute little business card choopie trick that hopefully everyone will carry in their wallets for the next 50 years! i know i will!
thanks for the kind words! talk to ya soon!