Sunday, June 25, 2006



when i was a kid the two absolutely greatest things that would happen every year were christmas and the county fair.
christmas, of course, makes sense to all of you; for a kid it was a well-placed holiday. smack in the middle of winter, smack in the middle of the school year, snow, family, magic, presents...

the fair, i think, for me and my friends in town, was bigger than it would be for other kids in the area 'cause the duchess county fair was held in OUR TOWN! it was the ultimate summer event and, though it came more towards the end of summer, was our signal and our chance to blow out all the stops before summer actually ended. for about a week and a half, all bets were off, all rules could be broken, rhinebeck was so overrun with fair-goers and horse people and livestock showers and carnies...especially carnies...that no one was watching us! it was pandemonium! of course we were kids and our priorities were the rides and the games and the food and the rides and where the hole in the fence was this year and the rides...we would play in the fairgrounds all the rest of the year and so we all knew the place like the back of our hands, familiar with it on a totally different level.

so i'm a little older now and i still love christmas. and i still love the fair. but for the past almost ten years now, my new favorite thing to look forward to is going down to charlotte to attend one of the last great TRUE comics shows; shelton drum's HEROESCON. it is attended by some of the nicest, friendliest people i know, visited by some of the nicest (and most talented) guests in the business, and shelton, his family, and crew make sure that the atmosphere of the place continues to be warm and welcoming--almost homey--from year to year.
also i get to hang out and goof around for the long weekend with my two closest friends.

it started all those years ago when mike and i were still working on sensational spider-man and mike invited me down for the show. i'm sure he regrets that now 'cause i quickly made it an annual event and he hasn't been able to get rid of me since...
each year i'd fly down to raleigh-durham, hang at mike's place for a few days, and then we'd drive over to charlotte for the fun. about 5 or 6 years ago, we added craig to the mix and it's been the way it's been ever since.

next weekend is heroescon and i'm already starting to get excited! not only 'cause i'll get to see those guys, but craig and rico and i have been hard at work on a few perhapanaut promotional items that we can't wait to get into circulation.

aside from the promo postcards for our trade, "first blood", and the new series, "second chances", (seen above), we have these awesome "choopie butt cards" that any true perhapanauts fan will not want to be without! actually, anybody who ever wants to make a kid laugh in record time will wanna keep one of these in his or her wallet at all times!

oh, and huge props to craig and rico for doing such an amazing job on these--as well as the gorgeous banners that we'll have behind us at the show! rico did all the physical work of printing/making the cards and banners and i can't thank him enough!

so if you wanna come to (what i consider) one of the last best comics conventions around, come by and see us and pick up a couple cards. and maybe some perhapanauts.

it's like christmas and the fair all rolled into one!

see ya there!

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Brian said...

The promo stuff looks great. Hope you have a great time and remember to bring at least a few of those Chupie cards back to the Northeast with you.