Wednesday, September 13, 2006

choopie updates and my favorite 911 call


to get back on a m-w-f schedule (which is what i'd been shooting for these past few weeks if ya hadn't noticed...) i thought i'd post these seemingly random bits of news, info, and pictures. check it!

first of all, it was great to hear everybody's enthusiastic comments and praise about the amazing job that andrew is doing on craig's choopie statue! i wanted to be sure to keep ya posted on all the developments as they came in! i think that it's just incredible!

(andrew said that if the shoulders look a little broken that's 'cause he decided to adjust the arms for a more action-packed pose! it'll get all smoothed over soon...)

next here's my favorite 911 call. i'm a sucker for this kinda stuff; 911 calls, stupid criminals, and 'headlines' on the tonight show is always funny (and exactly as much jay leno as i can stand in a week). i just came across this one and had to share it. hope you think it's as funny as i did...

My Favorite 911 Call

Dispatcher: “Ambulance Emergency line.”
Man: “Hello?”
Dispatcher: “Yes.”
Man: “Who is this?”
Dispatcher: “This is the ambulance emergency line. Do you have an emergency?”
Man: “I need an ambulance.”
Dispatcher: “Who is this?”
Man: “Uh, Joe.”
Dispatcher: “Okay, Joe. Where do you need us?”
Man: “I’m in the m____f____in’ phone booth.”
Dispatcher: “Okay, what’s the address there?”
Man: “Hold on.”
Dispatcher: “Okay, sir, did you call through 911?”
Man: “No.”
Dispatcher: “Okay, Joe. I need a location. What street are you on?”
Man: “Uh, I’m in the m____f____in’ phone booth at the Stop & Go, Yeah, that’s it. I’m at the m_____f____in’ Stop & Go. On, uh, wait a minute. On, uh, Howsmith…what’s the m____f____in’ street? Howsmith and Corville and Howsmith. At the m____f____in’ Stop & Go.”
Dispatcher: “Howsmith, Corville and what?”
Man: “Hold on.”

(The Dispatcher continues typing the information. There is a pause.)

Man: “It’s Joe.”
Dispatcher: “Uh huh.”
Man: “How ‘bout it. Let me see. Coffee, Comfee?”
Dispatcher: “Comfey?”
Man: “There you go. There you go. I’m in the m____f____in’ phone booth. Let me tell you what. I’m in the…I’m going down the m____f____in’ road driving my car minding my own g__d___ business, and a m____f____in’ deer jumps out and hits my car.”
Dispatcher: “Okay, sir. Are you injured?”
Man: “Let…Now, let me tell you. I get out and pick the m____f____in’ deer up. I thought he was dead. I put the m____f____in’ deer in my backseat, and I’m driving down the m____f____in’ road and minding my own business. The m____f____er woke up and bit me in the back of my g__d____ neck, and he bit me and he done kicked the sh__ out of my car. I’m in the m____f____in’ phone booth. The deer bit me in the neck. A big m____f____in’ dog came up and bit me in the leg, and I hit him with the m____f____in’ tire iron, and I stabbed him. I stabbed him with my knife. So, I got a hurt leg, and the m____f____in’ deer bit me in the neck. And the deer…the dog won’t let me out of the m____f____in’ phone booth, ‘cause he wants the deer. Now, who gets the deer, me or the dog?”
Dispatcher: “Okay, sir. Are you injured?”
Man: “Yeah, m____f____in’ deer bit me in the neck. Hold on. Let…Hey! The m____f____in’ dog is biting me! Hold on! The m____f____in’ dog is biting me! Hold on! G__d___ it! Get out of here! Hold on! The m____f____in’ dog is biting my ass. Hold on!”

(Caller hangs up.)

that's it!
see ya friday!



Brian said...

Congratulations Todd.

A true sign that your blog has hit the big time is when the spammers start posting links to their get rich quick schemes there.

todd said...


stinkin' spammers...

thanks for the comments, you guys!

Inexplicata (IHU) said...

Hey guys - Congratulations on the excellent chupacabras statue! Maybe you can get it released as a maquette of some sort? That would be a great addition to my collection of "chupacabrica", ha, regards,
Scott Corrales

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