Friday, September 22, 2006

stuff i love/stuff i hate


this is gonna be really quick 'cause i don't want this to be all about me.
but it is...

thanks to everyone who sent me contacts or links or whatever for a message board. somewhere out of all of them i'm sure we'll have a message board up and running here soon. and that'll be great!

i forget where i got this picture--dani, i think--but i love it. i think it's funny.

if ya missed it, ya gotta look just below the letters.

now apparently the story is that, in the (implied: dirty) mexican village where this lettuce was packaged, the water they were washing the lettuce with had polywogs or tadpoles in it and the frog developed in the bag. why not. i think there's enough air in there for a frog. plus lots to eat. and it's moist...
of course. i could take a picture of a frog in a bag too, so...
but i want to believe that it grew up on the bag. the frog in the plastic bubble.

here's some other stuff i love:

~watched the premiere of "my name is earl" last night and laughed my butt off. "randy, those aren't helium balloons."
"at least he's tryin' to thinka somethin'. it's not his fault if he ain't good at it."

~watched the premiere of "the office" last night and think i winced more than i laughed, but still funny.

~pez has a cool new black skeleton out for halloween! it is goofy-cool! go get one!

~re-reading all the old nick cardy teen titans in the black and white dc showcase edition! love nick! love the titans! love the dc comics from the late 60s!

~i would usually never listen to her music in a million years and yet i am transfixed by the jessica simpson "a public affair" video! i can't stop watching it! it's so funny! i even bought the video off itunes!! andy dick--who usually gets pretty obnoxious after awhile--is hilarious! (i realized later that this is because he doesn't speak) and the song is so catchy--it sticks in my head all day--which is weird 'cause i hated it 20 years ago when it was called "holiday". i think this song contains subliminal messages. i think it's trying to change me. i used to feel that way about "karma chameleon" too. (but i didn't turn gay. i WANTED to, but it just didn't happen.)

~dani definitely DID send me this...check out the mother's day video when ya get a chance...

~now that the weather is a little cooler, jake wants to play with the ball and run more--and so do i.

things i hate:

~just one--that acdc/audrey hepburn commercial for the gap. it actually offends me. i have to turn it off. i dig acdc and i definitely dig audrey hepburn, but this ad just disgusts me. i think it's a horrible diservice to her memory. and acdc's.
those marketing $#%@s!

okay, so tell me what YOU love and hate...

okay, i gotta go!
have a great weekend!


Brian said...

Yes! Thank you for saying it. I think that Audrey Hepburn commercial is an abomination.

Things I like:

Going home each night to my two legged gal, Carol Ann, and my four legged gal, Sabrina.

Having commissions from a couple of my favorite artists in the pipeline. It gives me that old pre-Christmas feeling I had as a kid.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

Grey's Anatomy - man that's a good show.

The Perhapanauts getting a second mini-series.

Things I don't like.

All those injuires to my beloved Red Sox this season.

Smith: Not one likeable character in the entire show. I was hoping for a fun "heist" type show along the lines of Ocean's 11, but this is the exact opposite.

The Patriots letting David Givens and then Deion Branch go.

Fred said...

Not sure if you get post notifications, but I just responded to the last post inquiring about message board space. Hope it proves helpful.