Monday, September 25, 2006

the dark scribble


i am juggling a lot of things this week and so i'm gonna fall back on tipping you all to a story from elsewhere--since nobody sued me over 'the dump creature' story...

ghost stories very rarely get me. they've gotta have something more to them than a barely seen phantasm skirting across the porch or a weird feeling when i stand in this corner of the hallway. i need there to be a story, someone describing an actual experience or a strange new angle to it that we have never heard before. i think this one does that.

i picked this up on back in february and have come back to it several times over the months. it's a little bit more than your average ghost story but hopefully it's enough to get you all to write in with ghost stories of your own. or that you've heard.
i've got one (that happened to a friend of mine), but i'm gonna save it 'til wednesday when everyone else starts logging in.

here it is. hope ya like it...

The Dark Scribble_by Mary
We are a military family and we move every three years. We moved into military housing at Ft. Richardson, Alaska. My younger child started playing peek-a-boo with something in that house and would become so excited when "it" would appear and become sad and say "bye bye" in a very depressed manner when it would leave. This happened only in an upstairs bedroom along a corner where two walls came together and upward to the corner of the ceiling. It also happened in the finished basement area we turned into a TV room. Here "it" would appear in the corner of the ceiling as well. I found it to be odd, but didn't disturb the activity or discourage it.
As my son aged and began speaking, I asked him who was there and he would say, "the black man" and that "he's nice! He plays with me, mommy!" I asked him what kind of clothes he was wearing and he became sort of confused and said he doesn't have on clothes. Jokingly, I said, "He's naked?" He said, "No! He is black like a crayon. He's a scribble." I asked him what color his eyes were and he said, "He doesn't have a face."
My husband was uneasy about this and said he did get an eerie feeling a couple of times when he as in the basement watching football. He also witnessed my son playing peek-a-boo and laughing wildly and sticking his tongue out at something in the corner where the ceiling met the walls. My husband never saw it.
I did eventually see this thing. I have problems with my lower back and I was stretched out on the floor upstairs in another bedroom with my legs on a couple of pillows. I was trying to fall asleep and I saw this black shape, which moved like it was electrical or under a very quick strobe light. It moved very irregularly. It was as tall as a three-year-old child (but bulkier), but its lower body was far too short. It was as if its legs were through the floor. It moved (without any sound) from my feet then along side me and it stopped about where my elbow/lower ribs were. It stood there. I just had my eyes opened only enough to watch it without it noticing me as awake. I was in awe, but at the same time I had this irrational fear it might see me. I had that same feeling that makes children hide under the covers when they think something is in their room. (I was 32 years old.) It gave me the feeling it was mischievous because it moved its arms sort of like it was dancing. (It was only a silhouette – no distinguishable hands or facial features. My son described it best. It was solid black sort of flame like in movement, but in irregular motion.) It didn't give me an impression that it was evil or trying to harm me.
It leaned over me like it was bending at its waist and I felt all the fine hairs around my face lift and dance like with static electricity. I could feel the hairs sway! I also felt the hairs on my arms lift. It seemed to be looking at me, but it never looked at my face. This solid black mass leaned over me and it reached through me with its arm and then it continued to lean across me and it seemed to go through me and the floor. It vanished. I did not feel anything at all. No pain or weird sensations other than the static electric sensation. I was in such amazement that I didn't move for a minute half out of fear from the experience, but with enough curiosity to wonder if it was going to come back through the floor.
I felt sort of shaken up by the whole event and then had second thoughts about it coming back through the floor. I went downstairs and told my mother about the incident and she said it was strange and she always thought my son was seeing something we were not seeing. (My mother had recently moved in with us and she said she felt uncomfortable in that house from day one like someone was watching her and following her around.) She nor my husband ever saw it and I never saw it again.
We moved about six months after I saw it and I have always wondered if anyone else who has moved into the house ever experienced anything. I even considered sending a letter to ask, but never have!

smell ya later!

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Brian said...

I got goose bumps reading that one. Followed, of course, by a good laugh as I again came to the picture of the skeleton Pez.