Thursday, September 07, 2006

i'm gone...


one last blog before i head off to the baltimore comicon...
and again, if you're in the area, make sure you stop by and see us.
craig and i will have the awesome, exclusive, we-can't-believe-dark-horse-got-'em early-for-us, hot-off-the-presses, PERHAPANAUTS: FIRST BLOOD trade paperback!! in stores september 20th, but we got 'em a week and half early! we'll even write on 'em for ya!

everybody have a great weekend and i'll see ya back here next week with yet another installment of what stupid stuff we did at the convention--this time with pictures!! (did i pack the camera...? yeah, okay, i did.)

here then, for your amusement and enjoyment, are some fo the original drawings and/or photos of some of my favorite cryptids.

smell ya later!


j said...

Hey todd,
have fun at the con. It was kool as always talking to you and JD at the Country a week or so back.

I still owe you the letter for issue 46- I have a couple of questions on why choopie knew the giant coqui was not what it seemed?

Your fellow member of the church of the four colors,

Jeff Kulisek

PS check out my blog YO>>>

todd said...

hey, jeff!

thanks for loggin' in!
and GREAT WORK over on your blog!!

all that time talkin' and i didn't even know you were an artist! really nice stuff! i had no idea...

thanks for the chat and for your comments here!


ps. lookin' forward to that letter!

j said...


Thanks for the props (as the kids say. I am not one to bring the fact that I draw ...especially in the comic shop, since we all have seen a thousand kids come in and that say "Oh I draw..". I am a little humble (occasionally) on stuff like that. And I am glad you dig my stuff, any comment over there is appreciated as well.
Also when you get a chance check out the JAckson Whites, a crazy inbred cult down in Ramapo that might peek your weird and wild hudson valley facinations...

As always --

lincoln logs and legos my brother ...


todd said...


yeah, i've read a couple dfferent articles/stories about the jackson whites--first, i think, in the weird books (weird ny, weird new englad, weird wisconsin) put out by barnes and noble and the weird nj guys. weird stuff.
a little creepier on the human level because of all that inbred-incest stuff.
hope you had a good weekend!

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