Tuesday, February 27, 2007

more from the con--thanks, scott!


so though i only took a few pics of things at the con, scott--who, it turns out, is a phenomenal photographer--sent over a whole slew of shots that are definitely worth posting! in advance, thanks, man!

scott has, for the past year or so, been working on his own comic, a super fun concept and character that i really don't have his permission to announce right here and now--we'll work on that for later. needless to say however, craig and mike and i have avidly been following the progress of scott's project (i had tried to hook him up with a few notable artist's in the biz...), and were even more thrilled when scott found his perfect co-creator/artist in one of his very best friends from college, chris zaccone! we finally got to meet chris at the show this weekend and gush all over about how sweet his work is!
(also, i wanted to see if i could put the book--as well as scott and chris--in front of a few editors that i thought might have an interest in publishing said book...)
(a little of that got done, but not as much as i'd wished...)
anyway, here's scott and chris--or rather, chris and scott--hangin' out in front of the world-famous perhapanauts table...

and then chris and craig got together and it was this whole artist thing and scott and i decided to duck out and grab a pretzel and those bastards never even missed us! @^#%$ artists!

here's craig at the table...

and a few of the various--and wonderful--sketches craig did during the weekend...
(he's very talented, you know...)

i especially dig that last one, of choopie attacking the cockateau! i really hope we get a scan back of that one! it's awesome!

here are a couple more...

scott entitled that last one "why we really go to cons."
hear, hear! i'm all for that! more girls in costumes!

and these last comprise a great series of folks' reactions to the choopie cards...

thanks for the great pics, scott!
if they don't get more people to check out the show next year, i dunno what will!

see ya friday, suckers!


Bill Nolan said...

Best reaction shot: the young lady in red. Classic!

I'm going to have to show Ellen the picture of her Phantom Girl sketch in progress.

And as for Scott and Chris' comic, I think they already have a Myspace page and a web site for it, so maybe it's OK to talk more openly about it. I read the 5-page preview online this morning and it looks really fun. Google showed me the way. I definitely think the concept has potential.

Brian said...

Scott was kind enough to slip me a copy of what they've done so far and I read it on the train home. A very interesting concept, solid story with some really funny moments and interesting characters who I want to know more about. The art is in the realistic style, but very open and clean and I thought it fit not only the story, but the characters as well.

As for the Choopie and the cockateau piece, that bird is the world famous Coda whose Dad and all around great guy, Shawn, has gotten such comic art luminaries as Adam Hughes and Neal Adams to draw him. You'll be able to get a scan of that one from Shawn Fritschy's Comicartfans gallery in the not too distant future.

Bill Nolan said...
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Bill Nolan said...

The Choopie Butt Card Original Art

Being able to purchase that certainly made my show!

Scott Weinstein said...


Thanks for the kind words about my comic and the pictures.

Bill and Brian, I'm glad you like what you've seen.

I'm going to officially launch the website and MySpace page in a few days. And I'll definitely let you all know.