Monday, March 12, 2007

all the way through...


more of a quick rant today than anything...

remember how i said last week that i'd tried to post a blog, like, three times before i finally got it to take? a couple other small things happened last week with computers or communication devices--the phone refused to connect when calling nick and craig, got cut off from my dad for no reason, couldn't access my cell phone voicemail--SO...i'm thinkin' that mercury must be in retrograde...dunno for sure, haven't talked to dani about it yet (she usually knows...) but things have not been going smoothly.

(actually, things went very smoothly over the weekend out at craig and trish's for the christening, so i shouldn't complain...)

but here's something else that really got me today.

if you--and yes, i'm talking to YOU--ever work in a deli or a convenience store or a pizza place or a restaurant or any kinda place that serves food, here's the absolute FIRST thing you've got to learn; when cutting through a bagel or hardroll or sandwich or whatever--make sure you cut it ALL THE WAY THROUGH!!!

(and i used to work in a deli and i learned this the hard way, so stay with me, okay...)

see, when people buy stuff like this, 9 times out of ten, they're going to be eating this on the go, in the car. yeah, we shouldn't be eating in our cars--bad for the digestion they say and an easy distraction from what we should be looking at the road. but not if the nice, kind, considerate person who made this sandwich, bagel, or whatever, made it easy by taking the extra mili-second, the extra iota of energy to make sure that they've cleved their culinary work of art all the way through!

(i told this to a [truly wonderful] girl that i was dating a few years ago who worked in an upscale deli and she said that she thinks of it now everytime she cuts a sandwich...)
(woulda liked to've been remembered for more than that, but that's how it goes sometimes...)

got a bagel with cream cheese this morning. too much cream cheese and the bagel half was stuck to the paper it was wrapped in. also, not cut all the way through. as i'm battling THIS mess, a chipmunk ran into the road. and i crushed him.
i usually try to swerve or stop or at least slow down. but i didn't have that chance 'cause i was fighting to tear through the last 1/16th of bagel that was still holding it together.

i then proceded to hate myself all morning long.

sorry for the rant.
that's all i got.

here are the answers to last week's "five on friday"...

1. a long long time ago, i can still remember…
american pie--don mclean

2. one day gonna take a ride on the n train down to coney island…
red dragon tattoo--fountains of wayne

3. they see me mowin’ my front lawn…
white & nerdy--weird al yankovic

4. the legend lives on from the chippawa on down…
the wreak of the edmund fitzgerald--gordon lightfoot

5. girl, ya know we’ve been together for such a long long time…
dick in a box--andy samburg and justin timberlake

6. mama, just killed a man…
bohemian rhapsody--queen

7. oh yeah, i’ll tell you something i think you’ll understand…
i want to hold your hand--the beatles

8. well, my daddy left home when i was three…
a boy named sue--johnny cash

9. guess who just got back today them wild-eyed boys that’d been away…
the boys are back in town--thin lizzy

10. i never knew, i never knew that everything was fallin’ through…
over my head (cable car)--the fray

see ya thursday!


Brian said...

Yeah, I hate having to tear the pizza apart because the guy or gal at my local pizza place is as dull as the pizza cutter her or she is using to pantomime cutting my pizza.

As for the chipmunk, don't beat yourself up too much. Even with both hands on the wheel and full attention on the road, you might not have been able to avoid him because sometimes they notice you and will zig when you thought that were going to zag and end up right in your path again regardless of all your efforts.

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