Friday, March 23, 2007

late, late, late...


workin' hard on this play and learning my lines!
really having fun with the cast and i think it's actually gonna turn out pretty good.

i got a GREAT e-mail from jeremy holstein telling me of his film posted over on you tube (or youtube) featuring william gillette, the guy who wrote this excellent sherlock holmes play (and performed it as the great detective over 1300 times!!!!!) in an audio clip--complete with a montage of photos, pictures, posters, playbills, etc. it's just great! i won't tell you more--you can go and enjoy it yourself at

this is an actual scene that i have in the play and it's just so amazing to hear it like this!
thanks so much, jeremy! you did a wonderful job on this! as i told you in my e-mail, i sent it right over to my director/mentor/friend and he can't wait to show it to the whole cast and crew!

and changing the subject abruptly--
several "random pictures of the week"
for fun, here are a buncha cool marketing gimmicks that definitely put the choopie butt card to shame.
( i particularly like the first one...)

that's all i got right now!
have a great weekend!


Scott Weinstein said...

That audio recording is fantastic. He's a lot gruffer than I imagined he'd be. Most Holmes portrayals are more scholarly. I would have loved to see how he moved around in person.

I recognize a lot of the dialog from various stories. I always loved when Holmes astounded someone (usually Watson) by revealing some piece of information that once he explains it, was really obvious.

Brian said...

The audio is amazing, especially when you consider his age at the time.

Also, I love the real life optical illusions. That first one is very sexy, but you can't beat the jump rope shopping bags for interactive cool.

Christian D. Leaf said...

A friend of mine had sent me those images recently. All are excellent concept and design. As an art director it both inspires and humbles me.

I'm waiting for the true story of Mycroft Holmes and how he was actually the force behind Sherlock.