Thursday, March 29, 2007



lost is one of my all-time favorite shows.

oh, i know that some of you are feeling the lull, feeling that there have been a few episodes lately that have been less than stellar, less than compelling. but that's true of any series--and of life--you've gotta have a few bad days--or flat episodes--so that the good ones are that much more enjoyable. and though there may be a few storylines that seem directionless and not part of the larger, still-enigmatic tapestry, c'est la vie, eh? i still think that it's one of the best written, best acted, and best all-round produced shows on tv--and i just love it!

sharon turned me on to lost. she gave me season one for christmas last year with a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye, knowing by then my love for story. she was right--i was hooked after the first few minutes and we devoured it together in about a week's time. when season 2 hit stores we did the same and we were glued to the tv when season 3 got off to it's (some people call it rocky) start.

i came in last night exhausted from play rehearsal and, though my intention was to sit myself down and write this blog, i instead curled up with jake, collapsed into bed, and got lost with my favorite castaways. sorry.

i'm feeling a little lost these days. swimming around under a deluge of lines that i still need to memorize for the play, i'd forgotten how acting tends to dredge up a lot of emotions in it's players as we search within ourselves to bring so many emotions out and put them onstage to show them to you all. it seems that, as is usually the case, my life these past two months, has been a blur of emotions and i'm not really sure sometimes where i stand.

i was lost in my relationship with sharon. unsure of what i wanted and not knowing where i wanted the relationship to go, i didn't feel it was fair to lead her on or keep her waiting for what i was going to do. my life is usually rather uncertain. and so i ended it. i'm lost now in heartache. i miss her terribly. and watching lost without her, well...i thought the episode last night, though a diversion, was really well done...but it still felt kinda empty to me.

kinda empty.


i'll post the happier, upbeat, more crypto-centric blog that i'd intended for yesterday tomorrow. with some trivia and some pictures.
that's all i got.


Brian said...

Missing her terribly should tell you something very significant about who you want beside you in your life, where ever that life may lead you, provided that it is Sharon in particular, not a mate in general, that you are missing.

Then the question becomes, who does Sharon want beside her and what kind of compromises - yes, my friend, relationships are all about the compromises - the both of you are willing to make.

Scott Weinstein said...

I'm sorry you have to go through this. That's tough to do formerly "couple" things by yourself. It's a great way to reopen fresh wounds. But, remember... Whatever doesn't kill you, only makes you... Blah blah blah. Yeah, that sucks. No way around it.

And at least it's Lost that's got you feeling this way. After my last break-up, I found myself missing shows like Design on a Dime, and basically anything on Home and Garden.

But, it could be worse. You have a massive project to keep you busy. Bury yourself in the cold, calculating logic of Holmes. (Minus the cocaine part.) That's a positive distraction.

Keep your chin up.


Dale said...

I wish I could offer some wise words to help in possibly curbing some of the evident sadness that overwhelmed your last post. All I can say is "chin up" my friend, "good things come to those who wait", etc. You have a plethora of people who care about you never be ashamed to lean on us.

todd said...

man--i guess i really sounded doomed and i apologize for that. thanks so much to all of you--didn't mean to be so down. or sound so needy.