Wednesday, March 14, 2007

cryptid anniversary...


as we come up on the 30th anniversary of my favorite cryptid, the dover demon, (april 21 and 22, 1977, in dover, massachusetts) i keep thinking that i should mount a pilgrimage to that little new england town and check out where it all went down, maybe, hopefully getting a chance to talk with one of the eye witnesses to that strange guy's visit. i think that should we ever have a perhapanauts convention, that should be when and where we do it! (or maybe willow creek...or caguas, puerto rico...or ballay, the philippines...or...)
i mean, point pleasant has a mothman festival every year (haven't gone yet, but i'm dyin' to...), and there are ufo conventions, well, EVERYWHERE (roswell and whatnot...) so why hasn't dover mass gotten on top of this thing?! somebody should be working on this!! a dover demon parade! t-shirts! banners and buttons!

i'd go.

anyway, in light of this upcoming anniversay, i'd thought i start leaning the blog back toward more spooky, kooky fare and post a couple of stories from's YOUR TRUE TALES--
here are two from the latest --march-- entries that feature a couple of other creepy creatures.
hope ya dig 'em!

Your True Tales
March 2007 - Page 20

Water Devil
by JT

My great grandfather has always told me a certain story that sends chills down my spine whenever I'm next to water. This is how my grandpa told the story:

It was late April, 1930. My great grandfather was in Mexico, helping his friend build a house. He had heard reported sightings of a creature in the water that had been eating animals near the lake. Even some children would go missing. My great grandpa paid no attention; he was there for a job. However, he soon became fascinated. The house he was building was near the lake, so he sometimes overheard residents talking about this creature.

One day, My great grandpa woke up to see many people gathering around the lake. He walked to see what was happening. Some residents had several dead lambs in their arms. It turned out that the residents had injected the lambs with poison or fed it to them, and they smothered the lambs with their own blood. That night, the townsfolk tossed the lambs into the lake, hoping to catch this creature.

When morning came, the residents came to see the lambs.... The creature was floating on the surface of the lake. It looked like a large monkey. It was about five feet tall, had thick, brown, wet hair, and had rows of sharp and yellow teeth. This was nothing that anyone had seen before. Had a monkey adapted to water? Or was it even a monkey? This strange creature still haunts my mind to this day. There are still lots of creatures undiscovered in the seas, oceans, and lakes, waiting to be found.

White Mountains Creature
by Tango

It was late October, 1995. My family and I were going camping in the White Mountains, Arizona. As the sun drifted behind the mountains, I felt more tired than usual. We were looking for a camping spot, and the road became narrower and narrower. The trees curled over our heads, but I was tired so I ignored it. Soon the road became so rocky and narrow that we decided to turn back.

However, before we could turn around, we encountered "someone." It was dark outside, and the trees made it harder to see. As we turned our car halfway around, we saw a little girl. She was in tattered clothes, and she looked up at us. Her eyes grew wide in fear, like she had seen a ghost. My dad rolled down the window and asked, "Are you alright?" The little girl trembled in fear and said, "You shouldn't be here, please go back!" My dad froze in confusion. The little girl continued saying that same phrase. My mom was scared and finally said, "Let's go back." So we turned around and ignored it, even though I was freaked out.

We turned out of the narrow road and found a camping spot about 30 minutes later. We weren't very tired when we got there, and I felt as though I had been refreshed. My family set up the tents and made a campfire. We relaxed around the fire, confused and scared, talking about the strange girl. Soon, my father said, "Shhhhh!" My mom laughed at him because he always jokes. This time, he was serious. His face went white, and then I knew something was watching us. I looked around the forest, my heart pumping fast. I didn't hear anything, but I was scared.

Soon, a spine-chilling roar came from the woods. What was it? I was on the verge of screaming in fear. Then, the bushes moved, and something bolted out of the forest and into the light of the fire. It had sharp teeth and no fur. It was the size of a bear, but its eyes were yellow. I was frozen in fear. It stood for ten seconds in the light, then galloped off into the forest. I was horrified. My dog was whimpering and it curled its tail between its legs. This was the most horrifying experience in my life. This creature was extremely skinny, it looked like flesh and bones. This disturbing image of this... "thing" is implanted in my head forever.

The next morning, on our way back home, we stopped to eat. As I was sitting to eat, I overheard some people talking of a creature that was skinny and it galloped through their yard, shrieking. On our way out of the cafe, I told my dad of this. He was shocked. And, to this day, none of us know what haunted us that night in the white mountains.

that's all i got.
smell ya later!


Brian said...

Scary stuff. Should have saved those for Halloween.

As for the Perhapanauts convention, sign me up and do you need a grand marshall for the parade?

Scott Weinstein said...

Sign me up for the convention. But, it shouldn't be in a hotel or anything. It should be in an abandoned sanitarium or something like that.

I liked the second story. Although, I wanted to know what the deal with the scared little girl was. That was more frightening than the creature. Especially if she was wearing a frilly dress and standing with her sister. "Come play with us. Forever and ever and ever." Still send shivers down my spine.