Sunday, May 13, 2007

addendum: curious rogues


not the best pictures--i don't know how to access the focus on my digital camera yet--but here are the strange villains featured on the borders of that batman bread wrapper i mentioned on friday.

and, while we're here, here are the answers to the

"five on friday"...

1. what mad artist won fame and recognition for his tiny and hilarious pantomimes in the margins of the mag?
sergio aragones

2. (i hate that new cat-look, but) what originally made rather human-looking hank mccoy gain his more beastial visage?
as scott, jeff, and colin said--thanks for the details, colin!--hank did it to himself while trying to "cure" his mutation.

3. before he became the joker, what was his wife's name?
jeannie (the killing joke)

4. who was travis walton?
in one of the most documented--and investigated--cases of ufo abduction, travis walton was a state worker in arizona who was apparently 'taken' for a period of five days. the movie "fire in the sky" was based on the incident and it's many ramifications.

5. yellowstone national park is primarily located in what state?

smell ya later!


Brian said...

Hmmm, looks like the folks at King Bread got Batman confused with Spiderman with all those animal based villians.

Heroes is only a month away.

Colin said...

or they're just Black Mask's henchmen...

Walt said...

Interesting... The Terrible Trio just appeared in the newest issue of Detective Comics.