Sunday, May 20, 2007

where is my week going...?!


i've had more things going on this week and so am late, late, late...

while craig and i are unsure as to where we might be publishing the next chapter of the perhapanauts saga, i can tell you that we're hard at work on it! and if you think that we left a few too many plot threads laying around, i can also tell you that we'll be tying many (not all...) of them up in this next story!

and that's all the perhapa-news i can tell you.
(the other stuff is secret...!)

as many of you know, i'm a huge lost fan--and even moreso now that i've been watching it with my old lost buddy again
: ) --and while we were glued to last night's season finale, there certainly were (and, lately, have been) a LOT of questions from us regarding characters motivations and dialogue. sometimes it seems that some of the characters do and say things only because it's convenient for the writers, that they accept so many non-answers from others just too readily. if ben ever jerked me around like that--even conversationally--i'd mess him up!
anyway, i don't wanna wreck anything for anybody--it's still a fun show and i'm dying to see where they're going to go from here...

nothing more to say so...

here are the answers to the
"five on friday"

1. what is the correct term for a female peacock?
a peahen

2. who played fbi director gordon cole on david lynch's "twin peaks"?
david lynch

3. what was the name of the comic book that spider-man actually debuted in?
amazing fantasy (#15)

4. what is a "yegg"?
a criminal, burgaler, usually one who cracks safes

5. what first name is shared by both members of they might be giants?
john (linnell and flansburgh)

random picture of the week

more tomorrow!
smell ya later!


Brian said...

I thought the Lost season finale was great, though, as with the black smoke, there were one or two things that I doubt they will ever be able to adequately explain. In the end, they were probably done to push along the story. That said, it left Heroes Season Finale in the dust as far as quality, packing and story go and it will make the long wait until February 2008 awfully hard.

Glad to hear work on the 'Haps continues and also glad to hear that the loose threads will get tied up as I'm dying to learn how that romance between Officer Mulcahy and the Merrow turns out. Those two are meant for each other. ;)

Scott said...

I really enjoyed the Lost finale also. I had given up on Lost in the middle of the season. But, the writers seemed to have used that huge midseason break to get back on track. And the new "flash-forwards" are going to be a great twist.

I agree that the actions of the characters, particularly at the beginning of the season made no sense. And seemed to be only done to drive the story forward. But, again I feel like that was changed. Now, the characters are talking to each other. And their actions seemed more justified.

As for Heroes, I loved that one too. Mainly because they very cleverly ended that Nikki/Jessica non-sense. I am fairly certain that that was a last minute. I heard Bryn Fuller once on a podcast say that the writers at that time were still figuring out her powers. But, at least they cleaned it up. I enjoyed Heroes this season. Granted they steal liberally from comic storylines, but it works.

Mike Wieringo said...

I was riveted and enthralled every second of the LOST season finale. I thought it was an incredible 2 hours of TV.... and the twist ending left me stunned and almost breathless.

And Matthew Fox looks totally kick-ass with a full beard....