Saturday, May 19, 2007

oddly ill


so i woke up yesterday feeling kinda fatigued and achy. but we are still on this house cleaning mission and so i went to work, scrubbing the walls and floors and dusting/packing up books and boxes.

just before noon though, the achy feeling started to feel like something else and i got dizzy, feverish, sweats and chills...weird.

i have no idea what it was.

needless to say, i didn't and couldn't get to the computer to post a new blog, but aas i'm feeling much better this morning, here we go.

no real cohesion to today's post though--some trivia and some random pictures.

the first one is one of those comic book covers from the 70's that, as a young teen i found incredibly sexy. no, i shouldn't just say sexy--it's romantic as well. that's superman and that's lois lane and that 's neal adams depicting one tender, romantic, soul-stirring kiss. it's from superman 243, by the way...

another one of my favorite superman covers. this one from superman 317.

this one was sent to me by one of my myspace friends, a very talented artist from malaysia.

"five on friday"

1. what is the correct term for a female peacock?

2. who played fbi director gordon cole on david lynch's "twin peaks"?

3. what was the name of the comic book that spider-man actually debuted in?

4. what is a "yegg"?

5. what first name is shared by both members of they might be giants?

that's all i gots!
smell ya later!


Brian said...

Again, I'm only sure of one of these.

A pea-sitting down-cock

David Lynch

Amazing Fantasy

A nick name for Jagermeister

Istanbul, no, wait, Konstantanopole.

Bill Nolan said...

1. peahen

2. don't know

3. Amazing Fantasy

4. some type of criminal goon

5. John.

I only know that last one because my kids love their "Here Come the ABCs" stuff. I'm not really a fan.

Walt said...

Gordon Cole was David Lynch.

Spidey was in Amazing Fantasy

They Might Be Johns.

Colin said...

1. Peahen

2. Dunno

3. Amazing Fantasy #15

4. An egg substitute for vegans...?

5. Particle Man...?