Saturday, May 05, 2007

occum's cell phone


once again, i have a lot of plates spinning...

several different writing projects--exciting all--and yet none that i'm at liberty to tell ya about at the moment.
i will, of course, letcha know when i can.
one or two of them will actually be big news...

i DID write the complimentary spider-man comic book that some of you were fortunate enough to get when you went to see spider-man 3 this past weekend! it was beautifully illustrated by my pal, stuart immonen, and i think it looks awesome!
the book was provided by target and marvel and, though the story had to tie in with the movie, i did try to have some fun with it. hope ya liked it.

i haven't seen the movie yet, however. hopefully in the next day or two. craig did and is patiently waiting for me to see it so that we can talk about it.

and on that note, we're making plans for our annual charlotte trip next month to be at heroescon the weekend of june 15th, 16th, and 17th! if you are a comics fan and are hankerin' to go to one of the last true comic book conventions in norht america, then don't miss out. craig and mike and i are regulars at heroes and hope to see ya there. craig and i will have the new perhapanauts>second chances trade (along with a few other interesting sundries) and mike and i >should< have copies of the tellos colossal hardcover on hand! mark your calendars and make your travel plans now!

random picture of the week--love it!

i don't really have much else to say--or rather, much else i CAN say...
so here's last friday's "five on friday"...

"five on friday"

1. in pulp fiction, how did tim roth know that he'd pulled samuel l. jackson's wallet out of the bag?

2. what is the name of quint's boat in jaws?

3. who did the voice of the joker on batman: the animated series?

4. how about harley quinn?

5.what's aquaman's wife's name?

that's all!
smell ya later!


Bill Nolan said...

Awesome moon picture. Haven't seen the Spidey comic or movie at this point, but I'm sure I'll see the latter soon enough. I'll also be in Charlotte again this year, too, rooming with the booth-boy-wannabe this time around.

As for the five for Friday:
1. because of the descriptive phrase on it.
2. don't remember
3. Mark Hamill
4. ??
5. Mera

Brian said...

Yes, the booth boy will be there in Charlotte, though sadly looking for work as the 'Haps booth position has been filled. Say, do you know if Ringo has an opening - "Will Work for Art."

I might have some big news of my own, but it is the longest of long shots, so don't hold your breath.

As for the Friday Five.

1. All the blood.

2. Shark Bait

3. Mark Hamill

4. Arleen Sorkin, who, like my beautiful bride, went to Emerson college in Boston and is good friends with one of Carol Ann's favorite professors.

5. Sushi

Scott Weinstein said...

Yeah. Heroes Con. I will be there. With my own booth. Chris and I will be hawking After School Agent. So, if you're there, stop on by, say "hi," and pick up your very own copy of After School Agent.

They weren't giving away the comic at my movie theater. But, I went Sunday, so maybe they were all gone. Can't wait to see it though.

Trivia huh?

1) It's the one that says "Bad Mother Fucker" on it.
3) Mark Hamill
4) ----
5) Mrs. Arthur Aquaman???


todd said...

thanks for alla the answers you guys and it looks like we'll have the whole blog crew in charlotte! woo hoo!

and brian--of, course, once a booth boy always a booth boy. though megan will be there, she flits around the con like a butterfly so your services will always be appreciated--though we really don't have all that much to hawk this time around...