Tuesday, October 30, 2007

a couple of spooky stories--and...choopie? from about


as halloween draws nearer, here are a couple more short yarns lifted from about dot com...

Who Screamed?
by Staceswild

When I was about 16 and my brother was 13 we were home one summer day. The house we lived in at the time had a few quirks. The closet door in my brother's bedroom, despite being shut each night, would be standing wide open the next morning. Even after my brother took to placing his dresser in front of it. While home alone sitting in the living room downstairs, we would swear someone was walking around upstairs. Then there was the mystery stain upstairs that no matter how many times you painted over it or with what it always reappeared.

On this particular day, everything seemed normal. We had been playing video games most of the morning, and since the day was getting on we decided to get to work on our chores before our parents got home. We were goofing around, trying to scare each other. We would try to catch each other off guard and scream to frighten the other. Then we would laugh and a a little while later do it again. My brother was still young so he could still manage a pretty shrill scream, and I wasn't bad myself.

My brother headed down the basement steps with a load of laundry and a few seconds later there was the loudest and shrillest scream yet, straight out of a horror movie. My skin broke out in goose flesh and then I laughed and called, "Good one!" over my shoulder. About that time I turned to see my little brother clambering up the basement steps as fast as he could, his face as pale as a sheet of paper. He gasped out of breath. "That one wasn't funny!" I told him it wasn't me, and he insisted it wasn't him, yet we were the only two in the house.

Being a hot summer day, the air conditioning was running so the house was shut tight. No open windows, so we determined it hadn't come from outside the house. It had been to clear and loud for that, and I knew from the look on his face coming up those stairs it hadn't been him. I know it wasn't me, so who else had been in on our game? Whoever it was, won that day. My brother and I never played that game again!

Hovering Shadow Person
by Lita

I would like to share an experience I just had on July 25, 2007 in N.B., Canada. Where I live is near a grocery store that is owned by my aunt. The store closes at 11:00 p.m. every night. As I was cleaning my dishes, I noticed a car parked at the side of the store at exactly 11:35 p.m., so I decided to go out for a smoke and to see if I recognized the vehicle. As I stood on my patio I greeted my pit bull Trixie, who was tied up beside my house, and focused on the vehicle.

While I stood there, I noticed a black shadow shift changing, lingering and coming close to where I was. The tingle of fear creeped up my spine and I felt my whole head shiver with fear, but I said to myself, "Don't be scared" and watched it go around. When it came back I said, "I see you and know you there." Then it stopped for five seconds and continued to hover as if it were restless. I cupped my hand toward the street light to see if there was something above it to cause this shadow, and there was nothing but a clear night sky.

I went inside my house and asked my daughter, "Do you wanna see a ghost?" She said, "What?" When she followed me outside I pointed out the shadow to her and she said, "Mommy, I'm scared!" I said, "Just watch it and see what it'll do."

The Shadow lasted for an hour and a half until it approached my pit bull and stood watching my dog, then it was spooked by a truck's head lights and it appeared, as if it expanded its wings and flickered and disappeared into the woods. That was the weirdest experience I ever had. Freaky freaky freaky. I do remember thinking about the "Mothman" prophecies when I saw its wings expand and flicker. I know what I saw was real and my daughter shared that experience with me.

and one last thing...
check out this video of an (alleged) chupacabra sighting.

that's all!
for anyone in the area, i'm gonna be at a store signing at ALTERNAVERSE in millbrook, new york, tomorrow from 12 to 4 to support my pal, nick tapalansky's book, AWAKENING! i'll post something scary in the morning and check in with you later halloween night! have fun trick or treating and don't forget to take--and send in--photos of you in you cool, scary, funny, goofy halloween costumes!
smell ya later!


Anonymous said...

Wow, those were creepy.
Thanks again for sharing all the creepy stories.
I had some friends who used to go out to the edge of the city with me (at night) to share stories like these, but they moved away.

Anonymous said...

AH...quite the arsenal of stories you got going!
The first pic is of the restless lady from Bachelor's Grove (lived in the Chicago area most of my life). I have been there on investigations...and the place does irk you...the pic was taken by a person on a tour I believe...when they took the pick, they did not see the lady sitting there...where this was taken, is at a small cemetary inside the cannot go there now without permission due to punks vandalising the place (I hope they are being haunted!).
Another interesting legend of Bachelor's Grove is the Ghost House...a house that appears on occasion. People have never gotten close to its lit up porch, but they say if you do make it to the house, you'll disappear with it!
I've never seen it, and I hope I never do!

Adam Hutch said...

I've been getting more creeped out by the stories on this blog, than any movie they've been showing on TV this month.

Still don't have a ghost story of my own to share, but here's some links to some information on a local restaurant (which used to be a manor house) that's had a lot of reports of ghosts and such.
History of Beardslee Castle
Beardslee Castle Ghost Stories

Scott Weinstein said...

Those were great. I really love the first story. That's just plain scary.

It reminds me of a story my physics professor told us in high school. It's not a ghost story, just funny. His sister was home alone one night. They were both in their teens at the time. He came home early, but was on the phone and didn't hear him. He realized this, so he sneaks back to the front door. Quietly opens it, then, rings the door bell. Then, he hides around the corner. She goes to open the door, and he jumps out to scare her. He did such a good job, she fell on the floor and started shaking. He called it one of the funniest things he'd ever seen. She was fine of course.

Brian said...

No Halloween parties for me this year, so no costume photos to share. I'll have to check and see if I have any good ones from year's past.

Anonymous said...

It was my best friends birthday so we were watching to tv. so i kinda got bored i look outside and remebered one of the scary stories that we were talking about earlier. So I look outside and saw something i told them girls and did'nt believe me so i told my friends to look and she saw it to. Me and my friend told them to lokk and they saw it to we went and told her mom. She did'nt not believe and her little sister started crying. We lokk outside and saw her aunts car she we thought to ourself that it was her cousin pulling a prank but it was not him he is a ski trip. Then we went and ask her aunt and said that heer grandfather was a the ski trip to we got so scared that we started running around the house then he started throwing the pebbels. we went to lock the door but it open he came in the thing to off his mask. Your not gonna beleive who it was it was her uncle we started hitting him and telling him how can he do this to us he scared the wits out of us. it may and may not be true but be careful it might happen to you

Anonymous said...

The girl hurried through her schoolwork as fast as she could. It was the night of the high school dance, along about 70 years ago in the town of Kingsville, Texas. The girl was so excited about the dance. She had bought a brand new, sparkly red dress for the dance. She knew she looked smashing in it. It was gone to be the best evening of her life.

Then her mother came in the house, looking pale and determined.

"You are not going to that dance," her mother said.

"But why?" the girl asked her mother.

"I've just been talking to the preacher. He says the dance is going to be for the devil. You are absolutely forbidden to go," her mother said.

The girl nodded as if she accepted her mother's words. But she was determined to go to the dance. As soon as her mother was busy, she put on her brand new red dress and ran down to the K.C. Hall where the dance was being held.

As soon as she walked into the room, all the guys turned to look at her. She was startled by all the attention. Normally, no one noticed her. Her mother sometimes accused her of being too awkward to get a boyfriend. But she was not awkward that night. The boys in her class were fighting with each other to dance with her.

Later, she broke away from the crowd and went to the table to get some punch to drink. She heard a sudden hush. The music stopped. When she turned, she saw a handsome man with jet black hair and clothes standing next to her.

"Dance with me," he said.

She managed to stammer a "yes", completely stunned by this gorgeous man. He led her out on the dance floor. The music sprang up at once. She found herself dancing better than she had ever danced before. They were the center of attention.

Then the man spun her around and around. She gasped for breath, trying to step out of the spin. But he spun her faster and faster. Her feet felt hot. The floor seemed to melt under her. He spun her even faster. She was spinning so fast that a cloud of dust flew up around them both so that they were hidden from the crowd.

When the dust settled, the girl was gone. The man in black bowed once to the crowd and disappeared. The devil had come to his party and he had spun the girl all the way to hell.

Anonymous said...

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