Thursday, October 04, 2007

what's your favorite new show of the season?


after that rousing venture back to the 80's, i really don't have all that much to say here on friday. sharon and i have a wedding to go to down in baltimore--baltimore comiccon organizer, marc nathan is marrying his beloved shelley, and we were fortunate enough to be invited! we've got an audio book to listen to on the way down. or up. or for the next week or so--there will probably be a lot of conversationing as well.
on the way back on sunday, we're going to have dinner with my pal and birthday sharer, rich faber, his wife traci, and their baby boy, jason stinkypants. (his name is really just jason, but i'm sure he'd answer to jason stinkypants if you called him.)

so in celebration of friday and of marc and shelley's nuptuals and of friday, here are a buncha "random pictures of the week" that our pal, rich woodall sent (more about rich next week!) and your "five for friday".

and here are your
"five for friday"

it's "name that actor"!
i'll list three movies and you have to name the actor who was in all three.

1. forrest gump, the green mile, mission to mars

2. child's play, murder in the first, lord of the rings:the two towers

3. the ice storm, pleasantville, the contender

4. platoon, any given sunday, identity

5. signs, the village, lady in the water

have a great weekend!
smell ya later!


Matt Wieringo said...

The only one I can answer is number 5. I need to turn in my pop-culture guru card. The answer to #5 is M. Night Shyamalan. Because he thinks he's Alfred Hitchcock. Just kidding. I love me some M. Night. Make UNBREAKABLE 2, you bastard!

Love the pics. So, um, when is y'all's birthday, Todd and Rich? (I can say "y'all" with impunity because ah was raised in th' South.)

Favorite new show...BIONIC WOMAN. I'm really getting into it, even with the Lifetime Channel music video interludes. It's like ALIAS but with nano-technology and bionics. Sweet. Doesn't hurt that Michelle Ryan is smoking hot. Hooray! I have a crush on Jaime Sommers again after all these years! Except now it's creepy because I was in high school when she was born. Eww!

Adam Hutch said...

The only ones I can answer are #2 Joan Allen and #4 M. Night Shyamalan. That first question is killing me.

I think Reaper would have to be my favorite new show of the season so far. It's hard to say though because our DVR pooped out on us and took the first two episodes of Chuck and Journeyman with it.

Christian D. Leaf said...

We rarely watch TV, but I'll go with EARL being tops this season.

Love the HATE/LOVE shirt. May have to hunt that down for Angie.

I'm gonna venture a guess:

1. Gary Sinise.

2. Creepy ass Brad Dourif

3. No idea.

4. No idea.

5. I'm pretty sure Mafus is on the money with M. Night always popping up in his flicks.

Rich Faber said...

I've only seen one third of the movies you mentioned, Todd (not a huge moviegoer), but I'm guessing that the answer to the first question is Gary Sinise. The others are beyond the scope of my knowledge or guesswork!

Matt: Todd and I are are both 10/10, although he's older. Well, physically, anyway... ;-)Can't wait until 2010, when it's 10/10/10!

As for the "y'alls," my mother-in-law is from Louisiana, so she's always y'allin' at us. I'm used to it!


Colin said...

That show LIFE is pretty decent, BIONIC WOMAN is okay but still needs to find its story.

1. Gary Sinise

2. Christopher Lee?

3. Joan Allen, I saw her food shopping once when I lived in NYC

4. Dunno

5. M Night Shyamalan, he better not F*** up the Avatar movie...

Jadielady said...

Number 1 is Tom Hanks I think...
or maybe that Sinese guy
I just wanted to comment on the pregnant lady with the Jackhammers. I love that she's in Roanoke (Virginia, about an hour from Lynchburg, where I live).

And I love Heroes and the Office, though I'm still not sure I like what they're doing with the couples.

Brian said...

My sister sent me those pictures and they are great.

As for favorite new show yet, the jury is still out as I haven't gotten a chance to watch "Pushing Daisies" yet and "Sam Who," the new Christina Applegate comedy hasn't been on yet.

"Dirty, Sexy Money" has the potential to be a real fun show to watch, but shows like that can easily go over the top and end up in night time soap territory, so I'll have to wait and see.

My answers.

1. Gary Sinise - Lt. Dan forever.

2. Got Nothing

3. Joan Allen

4. Tom Berrenger

5. Joaquin Phoenix

renecarol said...

I'm really loving Reaper. Pushing Daisies wasn't exactly what I was expecting but thinking about the commercials I kind of wonder how I was thinking what I was thinking it'd be like. So those are my favourite new shows.

Heywood Jablomie said...

I haven't gotten to catch much yet this season, but so far Reaper has been fun. Pushing Daisies lost me after the first fifteen minutes, I just didn't feel like following it much after that time. Dirty Sexy Money I saw the first episode and thought it was pretty good. The Supernatural return was really good, as was the latest Smallville with Supergirl. As for the answers I didn't really have a chance to think on them, then I cheated and looked at what others wrote so I disqualified myself haha.

Brian said...


Feel free to weigh in on No. 4 because no one has gotten that on right yet.

Anonymous said...

1. Gary Sinise
2. Brad Dourif
3. My guess (Toby Maguire) was wrong. He wasn't in The Contender.
4. John C. McGinley
5. M Night Shyamalan

4 of 5. Not bad.

Bob said...

Re five for Friday:
1. Gary Sinese
2. Brad Dourff
3 I think Joan Allen was in all three films.
4. John McGinley (Scrubs) definitely in all of them
5. I agree with my learned friends here. M Night Shyamalan had to have done a Hitchcock and appeared in all three films.

portalcomics said... took me awhile, those were some good movies because many of them had actors that appeared in 2 of the 3 but not all 3...

here's my answers:

1. Gary Sinese of course! (easiest one of the 5)

2. Brad Dourif (took me the longest!! I mean c'mon, who remembers Child's Play?!?!?)

3. Joan Allen

4. John C. McGinley (one of my fave character actors!!)

5. M. Night Shymalan (was a little tough, because although M Night does put himself in all his films, I forgot about his scene in The Village because you never really see him, just hear his voice)

Unknown said...

Trying to resist the call of most of the new shows, don't need more addictions. That said, I enjoyed Bionic Woman and Life, the show that comes on right after it. Mostly hooked on watching the baseball post-season though, or in the case of the Indians-Yankees, Bugball.

Came in too late to guess, already read the answers, D'oh! One correction though, you do see the reflection of M. Night in his scene in The Village, when the guard opens the glass case for the medicine.