Monday, October 29, 2007

spooky stories from rich and kc


here's a halloween extra!
i'm gonna post every day this week with some spooky stuff !

first, here are sharon and my pumpkins--carved 'em last night while flipping between gothika on amc and scooby-doo on abcfamily. boooo!

lights on...

...lights out!

here are a couple of spooky selections from our pals, rich woodall and kc carlson.
both of them say "not too scary"...
but i think they're scary.

thanks for sharing, guys!

From KC

Don't have any real "scary stories" -- just a weird anecdote.
Some 20 or so years ago, I was walking through my apartment one afternoon and was suddenly overwhelmed with emotion -- for no real reason -- so much so that I had to sit down for awhile. After I calmed down, I started thinking about my grandmother (on my father's side), who I hadn't talked to for awhile. She was my favorite growing up. She taught me how to play cards (Poker and about 25 versions of solitaire) and gave me my first beer and her house always had big bowls of M&Ms! For Christmas, she always gave me the newest Peanuts book and for my birthday, she always renewed my subscription to Walt Disney's Comics & Stories (How cool is that?). She also let me store my comics at her house when I went to college (which was a HUGE deal, as I already had accumulated a car-full of boxes). So I spent a little bit thinking about her that afternoon.
Later that night, my father called to tell me that she had died suddenly earlier that day. And, of course, when I asked him when she died, it was the exact same time that I was overcome earlier.

Flash Forward to about five years ago. Once again I was completely overcome, but this time it was though I couldn't breathe. I think Johanna thought I was having a heart attack. After I calmed down, I called my mom -- she was okay. So I had to check on my dad -- only I couldn't call him. He had Alzheimer's and I had fallen out with his wife over his treatment and I had lost touch with her. So, I tracked down my Dad's sister -- who I hadn't talked to since my parents' divorce in the early '70s -- and she said that she hadn't talked to him in awhile, but assured me that he was still alive. She took my number and promised to let me know if she heard anything.
A few hours later the phone rang. It was dad's sister. Dad had died earlier that day, at the same time that I couldn't breathe. (And she was totally freaked out that I had somehow known.)

That was the only two times that that had happened-- to that extent. (I was with my mom when she died). Although, I remember getting an awful headache one day -- worst one I ever had. It started from nowhere and felt like someone had hit me in the forehead with a hammer -- HARD. I didn't think much about it, until a week later when my mom called to tell me that a kinda-girlfriend I had from high school was killed in Colorado in a car accident when she went through the windshield. And of course, it happened the same day I had the headache. But I hadn't thought about her in years, so it wasn't exactly the same thing.

Weird, huh?

From Rich

It's not really scary... but kinda creepy/cool

My friend Bruce bought a Barn that was converted into a home about 15
years ago. One of the most beautiful things I've ever seen, on the
outside it looks like a Barn, on the inside it's a very open concept home.
The living room, and upstairs are all open, and the back of the house is
completely a window looking out into his backyard (which is
practically the White Mountains). Incredible place to live.

So I've visited Bruce a couple times, and I jokingly asked if it was
haunted. With out skipping a beat he said "Yeah, but it only really
bothers women." He went on to tell me about late at night hearing footsteps
in the hallways, smelling someone smoking a pipe, and one room that for
some reason most (but not all) women feel very uncomfortable in. He
told me his wife, and most of the women that come through the house get a
cold unwelcome feeling in the same room. He doesn't really know the
history of the house, and said he doesn't tell women about the room, but
they all seem to feel some sort of presence there.

Anyway, like I said, not really Scary, but a decent story I guess...

thanks again, you guys!
smell ya later!


Christian D. Leaf said...

Nice stories. They remind me of the one my mom tells about their cuckoo clock that always stopped on the exact minute her uncle died. (He was a priest. Not that that matters, but it does add a little supernatural/religious flair.) They had it fixed several times, but it still stopped at the same time.

She also claims they had a poltergeist that always wrecked a room around seven o'clock at night. They'd all sit downstairs and listen to it until it was done its poltergeisting and then clean up. The room was on the second floor with no means of getting inside other than going up the stairs, which they didn't care to do.

Cooper said...

I went and saw They Might Be Giants last night, so I thought I was in "quirky music" mode, so I'm happy that these two tales got me back into "scary Halloween" mode.

See, stories like kc's might not be "scary," per se, but those sorts of tales freak the $(%*^*!@ out of me. I had a cousin in Florida that supposedly woke up out of a sound sleep to see her son at the foot of her bed. She was initially surprised and happy to see him, because he didn't live very close, until he told her he had just died and had just wanted to say good-bye. The phone rang, she turns, he vanishes, and the phone call is to inform her that her son had just died in a car wreck.

Man, that "genre" of story makes me wanna' puke a little.

Anyone read any Loren Coleman? Before a trip to Long Island, I raided the Bookmobile for reading material, and one of the books was called, I believe, "Curious Encounters," or something like that. The best part was the appendix that listed haunted and/or mysterious sites by state.

One such place was Mount Misery on Long Island. Um...Gee, I can't imagine a place named that would have a weird rep, huh? I asked the parents to drive by...They wouldn't, though.

Speaking of the Island, my Dad also had a photo taken in a carriage house/museum, and supposedly when the pic was taken, the lights were off, but they are on in the photo, and you can also see some grayish face in the window of one of the carriages. I don't remember the name of the place, but it was in or near Stony Brook.

He also did some electrical work in the infamous house in Amityville. Claimed he wasn't sure about all the stories, and how a lot of it had been debunked, but he hated doing work there because he said he definitely felt awful in the house.

Whoooo! Halloween!

todd said...

hey, cooper!

MORE great stuff! thanks!

i read that coleman book--it was creepy in places! check out "weird ny" (or "weird new jersey" or "weird pennsylvania" "weird new england") if you like that kinda stuff. you can get 'em at barnes and noble and they have all sortsa weird stuff in them; ghosts, creatures, hauntings, strange occurances...

and while the giants absolutely RULE, glad we got ya back into the halloween mood!

Anonymous said...

I have the Wierd Illinois book...chalk full-O-fun! Use to be really into investigations, and did alot of research of Illinois. Also have this big book of GHOSTS by Holzer...kinda wierd, and his methods of using mediums and such are iffy...but an interesting read.
Do not know who watches, but Ghost Hunters (on SciFi) is having a marathon at Waverly Hills. I have talked to a few people who have been there...the place(they say) is definately haunted (something to the tune of 65,000 dying there). Now, if Ghost Hunters doesn't ham it up, it should be an ok watch...

todd said...


is waverly hills the hospital? an insane asylum? i remember hearing something about it, but...

Anonymous said...

Awesome stories.
The one from KC is similar to things I heard the grownups talking about (when I was a kid)seems my mom always got visits from her relatives when they passed.
Rich's story is cool, too!
I've been in hotels in Miami that are supposed to be haunted, but I never felt/heard anything.
Anyways, this year I haven't been in the holiday spirit, but you guys sure are helping.
Another creepy from Cooper.

Todd- I like the green pumpkin better , though the one on the right seems to light up more.

Anonymous said...

It was a TB hospital, and an asylum, I believe...back then the outbreak was so severe, the place was...overbooked, to say the least...crazy stories out of there...including one about a nurse who hung herself there, but "hangs" around still...that was bad on my behalf...
*looks over shoulder*

renecarol said...

I saw a puking pumpkin in Durham today. They had it at the top of their stairs and it had seeds as puke glopping down the steps. I thought of your pumpkin photos that you shared.

Rich Faber said...


What you're referring to is The Long Island Museum of American Art,History and Carriages, formerly known as The Museums at Stony Brook (

My wife used to work about a block from there, and we've been there a few times, but never saw anything creepy. I'll have to ask her if she'd heard any ghost stories. My Dad lives about a mile from there, and we'll be visiting him next weekend. Maybe we need to go visit the museum again... ;-)