Friday, October 19, 2007

too many questions


some fridays i have a little trouble coming up with questions to try to stump you all over the weekend.

this week, not so much.

not only do i have some multi-part entertainment trivia questions, but i've included a batch of cryptid-crypto questions as i veer back toward the creepy and unexplained (in preparation for, not just halloween, but the new story arc in the upcoming perhapanauts series!! more on that later!)

so here, first, are a couple of "random pictures of the week"
follwed by your "five for friday"!
you can thank me later!

"five for friday"
(actually, it's more like 13 this week...)

1. what did these three characters have in common?

a. niles' wife
b. norm's wife
c. rhoda's doorman

2. what were their names?

3. what do these three characters have in common?

a. sam malone
b. abby lockhart
c. jack shepherd

4, who play(ed) them?

5. crypto
a. what was the name of the man who filmed the classic and controversial bluff creek bigfoot footage?

b. what is mel waters (in)famous for?

c. paula m called it 'the dump creature', but what was the name given to the strange creatures which appeared out of the ground to taunt french soldiers in north vietnam in the early 1950's?

d. who wrote " the mothman prophesies"?

e. who played him in the movie?

that's all!
have a great weekend!
smell ya later!


Anonymous said...

Man.... hard ones... the only one I know (for sure) is Mel Waters is known for his hole.

I remember the day you turned me on to his hole... wasted my entire work day investigating Mel's hole.

And I was hooked until the alien baby seal thing... but it's a great story, should be a great comic story some day! (hint hint)

Brian said...

First off, that is the cutes kitty picture ever and the squirrel is hilarious.

As for the 'Haps news, nothing I like better than to start my weekend off with a little Hap-py news. Can't wait till you can give us a little bit more vis a vis release schedule - I know we won't get many hints in the way of story, but I like it like that.

On to the 5 for Friday.

1. We never saw the faces of those characters. (N.B. We saw Norm's wife's body in one episode, but not her face because she was hit with a cream pie.)

2. Maris, ? and Carlton

3. All the characters were Alcoholics?

4. Ted Danson,?, and Kiefer Sutherland.

5. I got nothing.

Brian said...

Wait, it just came to me.

Richard Gere played the mothman author in the film.

Colin said...

1. Never actually shown on camera (I'm assuming because I've never seen Rhoda)

a. Meris Crane
b. Vera Peterson
c. Dunno (see above)

3. what do these three characters have in common?

Knee Injuries?

4. who play(ed) them?

a. Ted Danson
b. Maura Tierney
c. Matthew Fox

5. Absolutely no clue on any of these

Colin said...

Oh wait I was thinking Jack Shepard for 3c. Who the heck is Jack Sawyer?

Heywood Jablomie said...

Wow I got nothing on these Todd!!! But I agree with Brian, that cat is adorable! The squirrel is going to be my new desktop!

And hooray on the 'Haps news!! Can't wait for the total spill on this one!(Wow lots of exclamation marks today! haha)

todd said...



actually, I was thinking jack shepard too!
damn, i messed up!
sorry everybody!
jack sawyer is the protagonist of stephen king/peter straub's awesome novel, "the talisman"--which, i happen to be listening to right now, hence the slip up...


todd said...

oh, and also...

jack and sawyer on lost...


Christian D. Leaf said...

I could steal some of the answers above and use 'em as my own, but I would feel the shame of dishonesty, so I will claim ignorance. (Though I should know who filmed the Bigfoot footage. I watch enough specials on our pal Big.)

The Viet Nam monster intrigues me. I'll have to look that sucka up.

Looking forward to some spilled beans on the new 'Haps series, too.

Scott Weinstein said...

Alright. Finally some trivia I have a chance with...

1) Never seen on camera
2) Maris, Vera, Carlton
3) Here are a couple of options a) father issues, b) alcoholism
4) Ted Danson, ----, Matthew Fox
5) a)---, b)---c)something worm d)--- e)---

Scott Weinstein said...

Ha, I just read the other responces. I totally glanced over that Jack's last name wasn't Sawyer. I just assumed you were thnking of Lost.

Matt Wieringo said...

Maura Tierney...mmmmmmmm...

todd said...

man, i need a fact-checker this week...

the actual creek bed where bigfoot was filmed was bluff creek.
(though willow creek is another stream that leads into bluff creek...)

got too much on my mind.

Heywood Jablomie said...

Man Todd you need to focus, no wonder I was having so much trouble answering these! =P haha Just kidding.

Brian said...

Maura Tierney is a Boston gal and her dad once ran for Mayor.

Unknown said...

The 'Haps new is great, can't wait. (even though I know I'll have to...)

Only know a couple from this week's

1. Their faces were never shown (or even body for Marris)

2. Marris, Vera, and idk

3. ...

4. Ted Danson, idk, idk

5. blank as a new chalkboard

renecarol said...

I love squirrels they are just adorable. At the lake where we used to go to the squirrels come right up to you. I think its nice that they aren't afraid of people. But then I guess that's probably not good for animals to not be afraid of people when some people aren't so nice to animals. Anyway, sometimes a couple of them would come up at once and surround us curiously - like whatcha' eating? And they'll take little pieces of food right out of the palm of your hand.

btw I've given up trying to answer Todd's questions.

Anonymous said...

Nothin' on the 5 fer, although I should know the bigfoot stuff (followed it for awile back some years, Florida Everglades has the 'skunk ape'), but my memory aint what it used to be.

Can't wait for more 'haps.

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