Wednesday, October 17, 2007



i got these off of yahoo this morning...

This handout photo made available in Manila by the University of Alaska shows a deep sea jellyfish found by a US-Philippines underwater expedition in the Celebes Sea. Researchers said a swimming sea cucumber, a Nemo-like orange fish and a worm with tentacles sprouting from its head are among dozens of possible new species found during the survey of the Celebes Sea.(AFP/HO/Russ Hapcroft)

whenever they discover some new forms of life or new species at the bottom of the ocean or in the remotest part of the amazon, i'm heartened by the knowledge that we really don't know everything yet. this leaves room for hope that those creatures that so fascinate me actually DO exist and have somehow avoided detection all these years.

viva la cryptids!

s'all for today!
smell ya later!


Christian D. Leaf said...

That top jellyfish looks like it's sponsored by McDonald's.

I too take heart from the finding on new species both live and dead. (As in that new dino discovered in Patagonia.) Of course, it also makes me sad 'cuz I wanted to be a palentologist growing up, but figured everything had already been discovered. I could be out in the field instead of working a desk. Ach.

Adam Hutch said...

Todd, I felt the same way when I read about scientists discovering something like 40 new species at the mouth of the Amazon in Brazil last year.

Brian said...

Life in all its glorious permutations.

Warren said...

I sorta kinda hope they never find a real Bigfoot. I like the idea of the "unknown". Once something becomes fact, it loses much of its mystery. That's a poor trade just for Bigfoot believers to be able to say, "Told ya so."

We need mystery.

Cooper said...

When I was reading all of the blurbs I could find on the Celebes Sea, one of them was mentioning how the area they're searching is sort of the nucleus, if you will, and life permutations radiated out from there. So they expect to find all sorts of strange and "ancient" organisms. Fascinating stuff. 'Course, I also fully expected the article to end with the research team being eaten by a megalodon or something. Holy Steve Alten, Batman!

Matt Wieringo said...

Cooper, you beat me to it! I'm obsessed with the idea of Megalodons swimming around down there.

todd said...


yeah, i'm in your camp. i'd rather there be even more stuff for us to wonder about, more mysteries to consider. i don't want them to find any of these cyptids or crazy creatures--just keep bringing me eevidence that they MIGHT be out there...

and don't disprove it.

Anonymous said...

Man, that first Jellyfish is awesome, it kinda looked like some of the creatures you'd fight in the 80s game Metriod!

And I also love the idea of a Megalodon out there! THAT's why I won't swim in the Ocean! W/ My luck, I'll be the guy to find it, but not survive the encounter! :-)

renecarol said...

I like the idea of there being a loch ness monster out there.. or similar beings. I hadn't even thought about a bigfoot when I read Todd's post. I think the waters have a lot more possibilities that land though for discovering things. Still its always nice to know that nobody knows everything.

Jadielady said...

I actually thought the first picture was the Flying Spaghetti monster, until I started reading the post.

todd said...




does anyone else know about the fsm?

does anyone else worship at the pasta altar?

pirates prove it.

(google it if ya don't believe me...)

Heywood Jablomie said...

I didn't get to read this on Yahoo, it's been crazy here, but this does give an optimistic outlook on life on this planet. I always love hearing these, but I agree as well about them ruining any of the mystery in life. Still pretty cool. And now I have to look up the FSM cuz I've never heard of that one!! Oh, this reminds me of something, and if nobody has seen it, there was a cool show, now on dvd, called Surface which was about a new aquatic lifeform found. I liked it a lot, and I'd recommend it to anyone who hasn't seen it.

Cooper said...

Totally had to Google that whole pirate/FSM thing and sent it to one of my old professors...She's a total Pastafarian. *laugh*

Matt & Johnraygun...One of my prized possessions in my office is a little autographed poster from Steve Alten, in anticipation of the MEG movie's hopefully inevitable rise from Hollywood development Hell.

Any crypt-o-fans read Fortean Times? I love it, subscribe to it through my LCS. It's great for writing exercises, too...I always want to challenge myself to pull one article or blurb out of it and write a short story around it...But I am too slothful...

Warren said...

I know about the Church of the Giant Flying Spaghetti Monster. My City of Heroes character got ordained in it so that he could perform a role-played wedding in-game.

The vows ended with:

In th' words o' th' great Freddy Mercury, "Let us cling t'gether as th' years go by, oh my love, my love." By th' power invested in me by th' Giant Flyin' Spaghetti Monster, I announce ya married. An' what's been put t'gether here this day, don't let me catch nobody tryin' ta break up.


todd said...


i used to read the fortean times all the time! but after a few years i found them to be a bit repetitious and many of the articles getting bogged down in minutia. but that was several years ago. is it better? i'll pick up a copy and check it out again!

them's is some sweet weddin' vows! : )

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