Friday, October 10, 2008

tagg's story


well, the stories are just rolling in for our very first perhapanauts scary story contest so we should be properly spooked out between now and halloween! there are some creepy ones, some funny, ones, and a couple that are just plain strange! while most are true story, this-happened-to-me tales, i've got a couple fictional entries, so if you've got a story to tell, use this long weekend to type it up and send it in!

this story was sent to us mid-summer when i first mentioned the idea of the contest by our pal, matt taggert, of the awesome
on-line comics review show, ONE SHOT PRESENTS (check out their latest episode at )

Back in my high school days I worked for a local DJ as his roadie, I'd set up gear and occasionally run lights at high school dances. One night we went to a High School in Byron Wyoming. It's a pretty nice little school and I knew some of the students who went there so it promised to be a good night. After setting everything up and getting the dance underway I told the DJ that I had to go pee (this was actually towards the end of the dance that I had to go pee, but you get the idea) He told me where it was and at this point it was around 11:00 at night. The school was obviously shut down for the dance so all the lights were off, but there were enough windows and moonlight that you could get around, plus I had my flashlight. So I walked down this long hall to where the bathroom was. The hall ended with a wall and no doors, just the bathroom on the left side. As I was walking into the bathroom I thought I heard someone walking behind me, I turned around to see who it was, but there was nothing. I thought it was weird, but went to the bathroom. When I got out of the bathroom I again heard what sounded like someone walking right next to me, and it sounded like they had a large set of keys with them, the kind a janitor would have. I shined my flashlight around to see if there was anyone, but as before I was alone. It really creeped me out so I just ran down the hall and rejoined the dance. Didn't think much of it till about two weeks later, me and a bunch of my friends were out in a field telling ghost stories, and I brought up that I had a pretty creepy experience at Byron School. Before I could even tell the story, my friend Caley said "Oh Byron School, isn't that the school haunted by a dead janitor?" I about puked since I hadn't told the story to anyone. Anyways, kinda long, but like I said, 100% true.



thanks, matt!
great story!

the contest is ON!

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here's some trivia
"five for friday!"
halloween/addams family edition

1. john astin, who played gomez addams, was married to which duplicitous tv sitcom actress?

2. who played lurch?

3. what were the names of the children?

4. what was the little girls' doll's name and what unusual feature did she boast?

5. who played cousin it?

keep them stories comin'!
smell ya later!


Brian said...

Those true stories are hard to beat, but I'll give it my best shot.

As for the five for friday, I've only got two this week.

John Astin married Patty Duke and the children were named Wednesday and Pugsley

Scott Weinstein said...

That was a nice and creepy story. I love this time of year.

Warren said...

Great true story!

1. Patty Duke

2. Ted Cassidy

3. Wednesday and Pugsly.

4. Marie Antoinette? and her head was missing.

5. Felix something.

Russ Burlingame said...

Hey, all! Just wanted to say, if you're on Facebook, I created a little utility to spread the Perhapanaut-y goodness:

todd said...

from kc, who claims he's had too much cold medicine~~~

"five for friday!"
halloween/addams family edition

1. john astin, who played gomez addams, was married to which duplicitous tv sitcom actress?

That actress who was on The Patty Duke Show. I can’t think of her name...

There was something about hot dogs... Maybe two hot dogs... Was she Mrs. Mustard? Wife of intrepid explorer Col. Mustard? Who killed Mr. Boddy in the Billiards Room with the candelabra?

Wait, what were we talking about?

2. who played lurch?

That guy who did a lot of the villain voices in all the Hanna Barbera cartoons in the 60s. He also played “Thing” in the scenes that didn’t have Lurch in them. He had a good name... wish I could remember it. He was really tall though. He needed to be to do all those cartoon voices.

3. what were the names of the children?

There were kids on that show?

Oh, wait. I think they were Pixley and February.

mmmmmm... hot dogs...

4. what was the little girls' doll's name and what unusual feature did she boast?

Barbie-rella. Funny things would happen to her when she was placed into the Barbie-rella Dream Excessive Machine.

5. who played cousin it?

Same guy who played Twiki the robot (but not his voice - that was Bugs Bunny) on Buck Rogers and an Ewok. He was also a “stunt duck” for Howard the Duck and did lots of drugs with the Krofft’s on H.R Pufnstuf and Lidsville. He wasn’t as tall as the guy who played Lurch, and didn’t get to do very many cartoon voices because of that.

mmmmmmm... drugs...

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