Friday, October 03, 2008



the all-new, all-different PERHAPANAUTS 4 hit the stands last week and the reviews are in!!!
it's pretty good...

here, our pal, russ burlingame from pursues answers that i'll never give him...
check out his column, "what's perhappenin'?"


hey! good news, perhapa-fans!
coming home from the baltimore comiccon, sharon found that we have about twenty of the exclusive choopie buttons left! we won't be posting them in the store 'cause we only have a few left. but if you would like one, they can be had for the low price of $2 (plus another $2 for postage and handling)!

if you really can't go another day without one, you can make a payment to our paypal account

(please be sure to include your address...)

or e-mail me at for info on how and where to send a check or money order.



here are a few more costumes from the baltimore comiccon sent over by adam hitch! thanks, adam--i was lookin' all over for the plaid man of steel...

harley quinn

nick fury and superman

rorshach and deadpool

...and plaid superman!


here's a pic of our pal--and occasional blog sub--roger ash, with nick cardy and his sketch of bat lash!

that's a great sketch, roger!


hey! how about some trivia...?!
here are your
"five for friday!"

1. what handsome actor once distracted a young woman so much that she unintentionally put her ice cream cone in her purse rather than the change in her other hand? (thanks, wendy!)

2. on gilligan's island, what was gilligan's first name?

3. in the film butch cassidy and the sundance kid, which role did paul newman play?

4. william goldman, the author of butch cassidy... also penned what classic rob reiner film that featured a character with six fingers and the word "inconceivable!"?

5. in memory of the late, great paul newman, name the movies in which he portrayed these characters...

a. henry gondorff

b. fast eddie felson

c. luke

d. hud bannon

e. doc hudson

have a great weekend!
smell ya later!


Leanne said...

Great pictures! I still wish I'd gotten one of Plaid Superman.

Here is my attempt at Five For Friday...

2.) Willy
3.) Butch Cassidy
4.) The Princess Bride
c. Cool Hand Luke
e. Cars

Adam Hutch said...

The Plaid Superman seems to have been the hit of the show. I only had the camera because my wife wanted a picture of Bendis (she loves Alias).

Still haven't had a chance to read 'Haps #4 since I got back. This weekend I should have some time.

Five fer Answers
2) Willy
3) Butch
4) The Princess Bride (Barry Kitson did an awesome Princess Buttercup sketch at Baltimore. Look it up on CAF, it's beautiful)
a) The Sting
b) The Hustler & The Color of Money

Anonymous said...

cool plaid supes.

1 ?
2 Willie (although some claim Gilligan was his 1st name)
3 Butch Cassidy
4 "The Princess Bride"
b "The Hustler" (later reprised in "The Color of Money")
c (Lucas Jackson) "Cool Hand Luke" (1 of my favs)
d "Hud"
e Cars

Brian said...

Thanks for sharing more pics.


1. ?

2. Buddy? as in "Hey Little Buddy"

3. Butch Cassidy

4. Princess Bride


a. The Sting.

b. The Hustler and The Color of Money

c. Cool Hand Luke (break pin, break)

d. Hud

e. Cars

~ Wendy ~ said...

Love the pics - but curious -- why plaid?

Really loved Perhaps 4 but I'm still upset with you for ending it the way you did! Think by doing that way we'll rush out when the next issues comes out to see what happens?!!!
Yeah .. good thinking 'cause that is what I'll be doing...

okay - Trivia

1. my lips are sealed. ;-D (but it was a cute story, wasn't it?)
2. lil buddy
3. Butch Cassedy
4. ?
5. a. The Sting
b. ?
c. Cool Hand Luke (one of my favs!!)
d. Hud
e. Cars

Colin said...






a. henry gondorff - ???

b. fast eddie felson - THE HUSLTER / THE COLOR OF MONEY


d. hud bannon - HUD

e. doc hudson - CARS